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y-zmir posts highest domestic violence stats.

ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- yzmir has the highest number of incidents of violence against women of all provinces, according to data from the National Police Department, but experts warn that this is likely because more complaints are filed with the police in this city and that the situation might be worse in Anatolian cities.

According to police figures, in the past eight months, 4,650 women sought legal protection from abusive partners in yzmir. Courts issued restraining orders for 800 potentially violent husbands and 100 women in the city were placed in homes by the Social Services Directorate where they were offered protection and shelter.

The figures come from a recent report published by the National Police Department that includes data on complaints of violence against women. yzmir was followed by Ankara, where 3,900 women went to police complaining of violence, and ystanbul, where 2,800 women filed similar complaints. In Antalya, 1,350 women filed against abusive husbands or lovers, while this figure was 950 in Adana.

The complaints are based on a new law passed in March seeking to prevent violence against women. The figures in the report cover the eight months since the adoption of the law.

A.Y. (32), was placed in a state women's shelter in yzmir and has been living here for four months. The young woman, a mother of one, said: "I am happy here. I feel that we are safe here. Our divorce process is still underway. I want this nightmare to end when the divorce is over."

Many women have been killed by their husbands in yzmir. On May 27, H.E. allegedly shot his common law partner, Damla E[currency]., with a hunting rifle in front of the couple's two children. On Sept. 3, O.Ec. allegedly attempted to strangle his wife, Hatice Ec., with a cable. When she did not die, he allegedly stabbed her to death. Selma Civek, who lived in the Dikili district, was allegedly killed by her husband in early 2011 for wanting a divorce.

Commenting on yzmir's violence statistics, psychologist Fatih KalkynE* told Today's Zaman that the high numbers actually indicate awareness of the legislation to prevent violence against women. KalkynE* said it is highly possible that women in Anatolian cities are more frequently the victims of violence. "It is noteworthy that a province like yzmir, located at the westernmost tip of our country, is ranked first in violence against women. If that is the case for yzmir, I reckon that the numbers in Anatolia should be much higher, but the people there don't know their legal rights and are too scared to seek help from state officials."

KalkynE* also said violence against women is the result of a larger problem. "Our people don't know of any other method to solve problems than violence. Children, who learn to rely on violence from their parents as a way of solving problems, become inflictors of violence when they grow up. There should be classes taught in schools to improve communication skills."

yzmir also has the highest divorce rate in Turkey, according to the government statistics agency Turkish Statistics Institute (TurkStat). In 2011, there were 11,149 divorces, compared to 120,117 in all of Turkey that year. Antalya, Muy-la and Denizli follow yzmir as the cities with the highest divorce rates.

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Publication:Cihan News Agency (CNA)
Date:Oct 30, 2012
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