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GLAUCOMATOUS OPTIC neuropathy evaluation (GONE) is a joint project with the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, Centre for Eye Research Australia and the University of Melbourne, Australia

Designed for use by ophthalmologists, optometrists and orthoptists, it is also useful for students and anyone interested in eye health. The resource, available as a website and an iPad app, is designed to test and improve optic disc assessment skills.

GONE breaks down the skill of optic disc examination into segments. The user is shown a series of 42 optic discs and asked to rate a number of parameters for each, including: disc size and shape, nerve fibre layer loss, presence of haemorrhage and likelihood of glaucoma. Users have 90 seconds to assess each disc and results are shown in detail at the end.

Users can compare their results with other clinicians at varying levels of experience, with results used to refine the program and for research purposes. This is an ongoing research project with a total of 3,894 participants worldwide, 1,539 of which are optometrists.

Personally, I enjoyed the test and it pays to take time to really stop and think about disc assessment.

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