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Rubber chemicals and solid rubber are featured in Bayer's informative web site ( A rubber compound consists of one or more polymers, plus various components which improve processing and/or supply the finished rubber product with certain properties. Besides fillers such as carbon black or light-colored minerals, which are usually added in large quantities, there are other rubber chemicals required, which are used in relatively small amounts.

Rubber chemicals offered by Bayer include: Cohedur bonding agents; Renacit peptizing agents; Vulkacit sulfenamide, dithiocarbamate, guanidine, mercapto, amine and thiuram accelerators; Vulkalent vulcanization retarders; Vulkanol synthetic plasticizers; Vulkanox staining antioxidants with antiozonant effects, staining antioxidants without antiozonant effects and non-staining antioxidants; Vulkasil vulcanization activators/fillers; Vulkazon non-staining antiozonants; and zinc oxide vulcanization activators/fillers.

With its broad portfolio of synthetic rubbers and an annual production capacity of around 1.1 million metric tons of solid rubber, Bayer is the world's largest synthetic rubber producer and one of the most important suppliers to the rubber and tire industries.

Bayer's comprehensive range of synthetic rubbers not only includes the general purpose rubbers (BR, SBR), but also important special purpose rubbers for technical rubber goods and cables (CR, NBR, HNBR, IIR, EPM/EPDM, EVM). Perbunan NBR is used in hose, seals, conveyor belting, shoe soles, flooring, roll covers and vibration dampers. Therban HNBR has applications in belts, rolls and seals. Buna SL (S-SBR) and VSL (S-VSBR) are used in tires.

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