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writeresult[R] Turns to Digital Pen and Paper Technology to Capture Patient-Reported Outcomes During Clinical Trials.

Solution from ExpeData[R] based on Anoto digital pen and paper technology accurately interprets handwriting and accelerates the flow of information

WESTBOROUGH, Mass. -- Anoto Group, the worldwide leader in Digital Pen and Paper technology, and ExpeData[R], an innovative software company and a global leader in digital writing,today announced that write result[R] has committed to use their technologies for yet another global clinical trial, their sixth already of 2011. ExpeData partner write result is a provider of data management solutions for clinical research to the pharmaceutical/life sciences industry, and is leading the way in automating the process of capturing patient-reported outcomes (PRO) during clinical trials with digital pen and paper technology. With this solution, write result is able to provide rapid study start-up and deliver clean, ready-to-analyze PRO data to clients at database lock.

Traditionally, PRO assessments during clinical trials had been administered using pen and paper forms to document information about a health condition and its treatment. Patients would complete the forms which would then be sent to the clinical data entry department for double-key entry. write result needed to find a data capture solution that would speed up the processing and sharing of the data globally while preserving the ease and simplicity of data collection using pen and paper.

write result reviewed multiple forms of electronic means of capturing patient reported outcomes. This included data capture via PDA/smartphone, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Interactive Web Response (IWR). It was determined that while all are appropriate for certain uses, they needed a solution that would be universally intuitive for patients and sites without sacrificing the efficiency of electronic data capture.

They turned to digital pen and paper technology, since it required minimal training for clinical sites and patients participating in studies. The solution interprets the handwriting with high accuracy and also provides an image of the completed forms, accelerating the flow of information to the sponsor.

"Currently we have 1,250 digital pens in active use at sites around the world, with another 300 in the process of being issued," said Dennis Salotti, Director of Operations at write result. "It provides the efficiency of electronic data capture while at the same time,isuniversally intuitive for patients and sites. Digital pen and paper technology is ideal for collecting PRO data across different therapeutic areas and patient populations."

Since deploying digital pen and paper technology, the following results have been achieved:

* Increased consistency of patient measurements - measured responses such as visual analog scales (VAS) are systematically measured by the ExpeData EDW[R] Server, reducing variability within and across investigator sites and eliminating the risk of transcription error compared to regular pen and paper.

* Better efficiency - With digital pen and paper technology, sites can see the PRO forms via the Internet moments after data transfer. At database lock, the sponsor receives a final data set ready for analysis and reporting.

* Ease of Use - Digital pen and paper technology requires minimal training for clinical sites and patients participating in studies. The solution interprets the handwriting with high accuracy. This has enabled the Sponsor to leverage the efficiencies of electronic data capture while preserving the simplicity of pen and paper.

"Digital pen technology is ideal for clinical trials since it can be applied easily across geographies and can be used by those with little or no computer experience," said Pietro Parravicini, president and CEO of Anoto, Inc. "The result is faster more accurate clinical trials and lower costs for sponsors."

The system works just like traditional pen and paper, but a camera and pressure sensor in the pen record the way the patient writes each stroke to facilitate automatic interpretation of the responses. Upon participation in the clinical study, the patient is provided with a digital pen and the appropriate forms for the patient visit and asked to complete the form as they normally would with a regular pen and paper. At completion of the visit and the associated forms, the study coordinator docks the digital pen to the PC and transmits the data to write result for data processing.

The write result data management solution is comprised of:

* Anoto Digital Pen and dot pattern technology

* EDW[R] digital writing platform solution provided by ExpeData for transferring data, processing and interpreting handwriting, and providing industry standard outputs for seamless integration with back-end applications.

* write result full service clinical data management from initial planning through final database lock

* write result project management and supply logistics for all digital pen and paper supplies

* 24/7 online access to digital images of completed forms

"Clinical trials are increasingly complex with a majority being performed offshore," said Doug Patterson, Vice President of Business Development, ExpeData. "Digital writing utilizing the EDW[R] software platform and Anoto digital pen and paper technology significantly improves the flow of information, resulting in the acceleration and improvement of the process which provides competitive advantage in this highly demanding market."

About Anoto Group

Anoto Group is the company behind and world leader in the unique technology for digital pen and paper, which enables fast and reliable conversion of handwritten text into digital format. Anoto operates through a global partner network that focuses on user-friendly forms solutions for efficient capture, transmission and storage of data within different business segments, e.g. healthcare, bank and finance, transport and logistics and education. The Anoto Group has around 80 employees, offices in Lund (head office), Boston and Tokyo. The Anoto share is listed on NASDAQ OMX Nordic small cap list under the ticker ANOT. For more information visit

About ExpeData[R]

ExpeData is an innovative software company and a global leader in digital writing. ExpeData has created a cost effective, end-to-end digital writing platform (EDW[R]) that automates the collection of handwritten information at the point of entry. Handwriting is captured in the field, immediately converted to digitized data and seamlessly integrated to backend business systems. This results in unsurpassed workflow optimization and significant cost reduction. Digital writing delivers significant benefits to organizations of all sizes. EDW solutions are used across the globe, delivering value in multiple industries including Field Services, Financial Services including Insurance, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals and Clinical Research, Logistics and Transportation, Government and Public Services, and Utilities. For more information, visit

About writeresult

As a Data Management CRO based in Cranford, New Jersey, write result has been conducting research studies with the digital pen technology since 2004 as one of the early adopters. Initial efforts were focused on research in Food Use Product Safety studies, for submission to the EPA in a process that parallels Drug Development and the FDA. By 2006, write result was partnering with pharmaceutical companies to apply this novel technology to Clinical Research. The write result solution has been proven to provide clean, usable data in a manner consistent with industry timelines and processes, in a format suitable for marketing applications. For more information visit
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