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with Will Davies money spinners.

imple home maintenance isn't just for winter.

SThese tasks are necessary as the warmer months draw near.

After all, saving money and prolonging the life of your home are good things to do all year round.

Clean your refrigerator coils. Those coils are part of a system that exchanges heat for cold and that system doesn't work as well when those coils are dusty and dirty. Simply use a vacuum hose to clean all the dust and dirt off the back of your refrigerator.

You should also clean your dryer vent. Just like your refrigerator, your clothes dryer works better when its vent is clean and clear of lint. This also can prevent dryer fires, which are surprisingly common.

Cleaning the lint trap before every load is good but some still remains in the vent hose and builds up over time. Remove the vent hose from behind the dryer and vacuum it thoroughly. Then remove the vent cover on your home's exterior and vacuum there as well.

Check your washing machine hoses for cracks, which can cause damaging water leaks. These leaks often are small and can go undetected for months since the washing machine usually sits in a corner or against a wall. The pooled water can cause water damage and mould, provide an insect breeding ground and other problems. So pull the washing machine out from the wall and check the hoses. If they look worn or cracked, replacing them is easy and inexpensive.

Cleaning your roof 's gutters is another simple yet essential, if laborious, home maintenance task. It's especially important in areas that get a lot of rainfall. Clogged gutters can cause water to pool near your home's foundation. Over time this can weaken the foundation, which is a dangerous problem and an expensive repair.

Next, check the caulking around your windows and doors. You may have caulked these areas before winter started but even good quality caulk can shrink, harden and crack during harsh weather. A thorough caulking job will help keep hot air out during the summer as well as keeping cold air out during the winter.

You should schedule a professional to conduct routine maintenance of your heating and ventilation systems (and air conditioning if you have it). This one costs some money but saves a lot of money down the road by preventing bigger problems, including wholesale replacement.

Next, inspect your roof for water, snow, ice or hail damage. Neglecting your roof can lead to damage later in the year.

Will Davies is the co-founder and MD of which is a leading property maintenance and refurbishment company operating across both the domestic and commercial sectors. Prior to founding he was a mergers & acquisitions expert at Societe Generale
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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:May 15, 2014
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