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winter creams.


JUST as we change our wardrobe in winter, our skincare needs a rethink too, because extreme weather can play havoc.

Harsh winds, colder weather and even central heating will rob skin of essential oils, leaving it dull and prone to dry patches.

So now's the time to bin your lightweight summer moisturiser and opt for a more intensive skincare routine.

Plan to replace moisture with each step of your skincare routine. When cleansing, use a gentle hydrating lotion, one that will cleanse and nourish your skin at the same time. Try The Sanctuary Gentle Hydrating Cleanser, pounds 6.55.

Exfoliation is just as an important step

of your winter regime as your summer one. It helps stimulate circulation, gets rid of dull, dead skin cells and increases the water holding capacity of the skin, enabling it to stay better moisturised.

Exfoliation also increases oxygen to the skin's surface giving you a healthy glow. Depending on skin type, exfoliate once a week, more if skin is oily. Ocean Salt, pounds 4.95 from Lush, is an exfoliating facial wash with moisturisers.

Be careful in winter and choose a toner that has a low or no alcohol content, which could be otherwise quite drying. Neal's Yard Remedies, Rosewater, pounds 4.45, is a gentle toner.

For winter skincare, it may be as simple as switching your night cream to day use. Whatever your skin type, opt for moisturisers that are hydrating rather than oily. No. 7's Hydrating day Cream, pounds 11.05, will provide 12-hour protection or try Barbara Daly Face Lift, pounds 6.

If your skin is prone to extreme dryness during winter months, it will benefit from a weekly treatment such as Marks & Spencer Organic Extract Deep Hydrating Mask, pounds 6.

Daily V Skincare Supplement for Dry Skin, pounds 12, is a supplement containing vitamins and antioxidants that could help nourish your skin from the inside during difficult winter months.

And don't forget your lips, as they are particularly vulnerable in harsh conditions.

Lip balms don't have to be boring try Clinque Superbalm Tinted Lip Treatment, pounds 9, available in three shades or Hard Candy Icicle Lip Balms, pounds 4.50, a frosted lip treatment that comes in three flavours.

The Sanctuary, No.7, Daily V & Hard Candy from larger Boots. Neal's Yard Remedies from 0161 831 7875. Barbara Daly from Tesco. Clinique from Department Stores
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Nov 11, 2003
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