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why is lipo laser better for weight loss!

[ClickPress, Fri Nov 25 2016]

Lipo laser is a non-invasive plastic surgery process that uses laser to target areas of extra fat and fortify contours. Lipo laser is also known as laser lipo and laser-assisted lipolysis.

How it is performed

A laser is used within the deep fats to break up the fat cells walls allowing the fatty oils to leak out, and disrupt the cells for subsequent removing. This deep layer additionally involves small blood vessels which the laser coagulates leading to much less bruising put up operatively.

The laser is then used within the superficial layer, slightly below the skin to heat the skin cells with a view to stimulate them to provide extra collagen and elastin thereby enhancing the dermis exceptional within the post therapy period.

The final step is the elimination of the cell fragments and oils and as a result the final discount in contour.

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Who must use Lipo laser?

When due to the fact Lipo laser surgery as a choice, the pleasant candidates typically have a number of the following conditions:

Excess fats in slight to reasonable amounts

Mild to average dermis laxity

Skin begins loosing collagen and elastin from about age 35. Resultant dermis laxity will not be conducive to liposuction by itself. Other candidates can have superficial problems in the epidermis comparable to cellulite, dimpling, scarring from prior surgeriesall of which may be elevated by way of Lipo laser.

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Lipo laser can treat these areas:







Male Breast excess

Back rolls

Why people pick us?

We've certified surgeons with first hand equipments at your disposal. We provide the best care to our sufferers. Our clinical Director is Dr. Wadiwala is the Director of Bariatric surgical procedure at Cyfair clinical core which happens to be a Center of Excellence for weight reduction surgical procedure as targeted by American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric surgery (ASMBS). After graduating scientific school with Summa Cum Laude at the Western institution in Pomona, California; he accomplished basic surgical coaching at Martin Luther King and Arrowhead Regional scientific center near LA.

The place were located

Were located in Houston, Texas. For queries that you could refer to this number: 832-559-3114.

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Date:Nov 25, 2016
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