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who what where when? WHO [...].

who what where when? WHO ... starred in the films My Left Foot and The Last Of The Mohicans? WHAT... type of electric charge is acquired through friction? WHERE ... in the body would you find gingivitis? WHEN ... did Sir Charles Wentworth Dilke publish his best-selling book Greater Britain? remember when ...

The following events all occurred in a year in living memory. Can you guess the year? 1 Oprah Winfrey was born 2 Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio got married 3 The 800th episode of The Archers was broadcast 4 That's All Right Mama became Elvis Presley's first recording to be broadcast on the radio wordwise The word may sound familiar, but do you know what it means? COCTION A The act of boiling B The covering of a larva C A mixture of poisonous substances who am I? An inventor, I was born in Edinburgh in 1847. I worked as an elocution assistant between 1868 and 1870 before moving to the US and becoming professor of voice physiology at Boston. I devoted myself to teaching deaf-mutes the system of 'visible speech', but am best remembered for patenting the telephone in 1876.

answers WORDWISE: A. WHO AM I: Alexander Graham Bell.

NAME THE YEAR: 1970. WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN: Daniel Day-Lewis; Static electricity; The gums; 1868. REMEMBER WHEN: 1954.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jul 20, 2012
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