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who's who in Training & Simulation.

Simulation at the Cutting Edge

Hundreds of companies, universities and research organisations are active in the development of simulation in one way or another. But increasingly, training may be only one application for the technology coming from these sources, although that sector often gains from advances developed for other applications.

From modest beginnings when simulation set out to replicate the performance of advanced combat aircraft and airliners, (with varying degrees of success), the technology has grown to stand alongside the very latest in aircraft design. Indeed, simulation has led the development of fly-by-wire and computer-controlled combat aircraft, as software tested on a rig gradually extends the flight envelope.

Consequently, there is now a direct read-across from development simulators to the devices that will one day. be used by pilots attending conversion, mission planning and other training: as the use of networked simulation-based training grows the inclusion of company-owned development simulators in major defence exercises is becoming commonplace. This use of common aircraft control/simulation software ensures that perfect levels of replication can be achieved for full flight simulators, while mission planning may now be undertaken by aircrews whilst airborne and even en route to the target.

Ending Divisions Between the Real World and Simulation

Today's new-generation of fly-by-wire fighters such as the Saab JAS 39 Gripen, Lockheed/Boeing F-22, Eurofighter Typhoon, Dassault Rafale and Lockheed or Boeing JSF have coincidentally raised the benchmark of flight simulation standards to the highest-ever levels. Similarly, as the digital battlefield extends to new levels, the division between simulation and the conduct of real warfare is becoming equally blurred, as indeed is the case with naval warfare.

Curiously, just as the spin-off from advanced aircraft design and the development of battlefield management systems has helped to satisfy training needs, so too technology from the video game and entertainment industries has played a part in the development of `cutting edge' simulators. Boeing for example acknowledges that its JSF mission simulator has benefited from the `bottom end' video game technology.

While software codes used for the development of aircraft controls have helped to blur the divide between platforms and their simulators, advances in vision systems intended for entertainment use can be used with equal facility for military applications. In fact such is the ferocity of competition within the training and simulation industry, that significant improvements in visual systems have been paralleled by a downward trend in costs.

In part these have been driven down by the demands of the entertainment industry, increased volume production helping to lower unit costs. But given the pressures on defence budgets and the need for simulation manufacturers to find new markets, it is no surprise that some of the market leaders produce both complex military and entertainment simulators.

Similarly, visual systems specialists that target entertainment, research and other simulator users may count the defence market as only apart of a much larger total. One result of this diversification has been the emergence of companies with little or no defence industry background into the military arena, sometimes challenging the primacy of those that have long provided military simulators.

Consolidation Produces Giants

In response to such a challenge some in the training business have merged with others to consolidate their strength. Thales Training & Simulation (previously known as Thomson-CSF) is a prime example of a company that has grown by acquisition, often making `who's who' a difficult question to answer. Thus, African Defence Systems (ADS), Rediffusion and others now trade as Thales Training & Simulation, having been added to the long-established French organisation.

The sale by BAE Systems North America of its Flight Simulation and Training business to CAE promises to make the already large Canadian company an even bigger player in the market. BAE Systems had previously acquired Reflectone but the heavy losses incurred by the parent British company on some unrelated programmes obliged the disposal of some non-core businesses in order to boost its financial situation.

The deal with CAE was concluded less than a month after BAE Systems had been selected as one of the prime contractors able to pursue the virtual domain task orders under the Stricom Omnibus Contract (Stoc). The eight-year, contract is valued at up to $4 billion to the team, which includes AAI Corporation, AcuSoft, Litton/Tasc, Management Technology, Raydon and Alenia Marconi Systems. Already achieving annual revenues in excess of $1 billion, CAE has now acquired a thriving company with an annual income of some $80 million.

Meanwhile Hughes Training, first absorbed by Raytheon and in turn by L-3 Communications, is now marketed by the last-mentioned under the revived Link name. Boeing's acquisition of McDonnell Douglas Training Systems and its later collaboration with FlightSafety International has resulted in vet another simulation giant, while Lockheed Martin Information Systems having absorbed the military training activity of IBM, has become a major international player.

Newcomers Find a Welcome

However, despite this growth by acquisition process, the total number of companies involved in training and simulation continues to grow. A comparison with the defence and aviation industry is appropriate: for example, while the total number of exhibitors at the Farnborough and Paris air shows has tended to fall(despite the temptation to massage the figures), the number of standholders at I/Itsec (International/Industry Training Simulation and Education Conference) continues to increase. The total of 350 exhibitors at Florida in November 2000 boasted an increase of some 100 over the previous year.

Already the largest exhibition of its kind in the world, the last Orlando show reflected the many changes that have taken place in just one year. For example, soon after the 1999 event L-3 Communications acquired much of Raytheon's simulation business, yet the latter remains a supplier of computer-driven command and staff trainers that can simulate full-scale war.

By contrast, Flyit's helicopter flying training device was a first-time exhibit offering a near full-flight simulator capability for under $80 000. Developed from technology employed when the United States Army awarded a Small Business Innovative Research contract to the Simpkins Design Group in partnership with Systran Federal Systems, Flyit has brought affordable computer-based training to the primary level of pilot instruction.

Pressures on defence budgets have resulted in a marked decrease in the number of flying hours that squadron-level pilots can perform, while limits on the use of army exercise grounds (to say nothing of the need to limit the use of live ammunition), have resulted in an increase in the conduct of war games at all levels of command. Navies have also not been immune from sometimes draconian reductions in budgets, so that exercises are often conduced onboard a warship tied up in port.

Encouraged by a seemingly relentless increase in the demand for simulation and training as a means of cutting costs without cutting standards, companies large and small have entered a business that is not (so far) dominated by just a handful of world-class giants. Indeed, the market leaders tend to be systems integgrators that readily turn to cheaper and better sources of image generators, computers and motion systems.

Visual Systems Lead the Way

Without disparaging the smaller companies, it is often the `two men and a boy' specialists that come up with innovative solutions, particularly in the field of visual simulation. Consequently, some companies that have found a niche in meeting the needs of, say, research and development, find that their expertise can have wider application when used in training. One such is Fakespace Systems that has developed a number of specialist products. These including the Passive WorkWall shown at Orlando configured with two stereoscopic-optimised SIM 6 projectors to provide a 3D view for visitors wearing polarised glasses. Fakespace recently concluded an agreement with Barco Projection Systems whereby the latter's tube and solid state projectors will be integrated into its immersive product portfolio.

Still on the subject of vision systems, the Nvidia Corporation has concluded an agreement with Quantum3D to supply graphics chips for incorporation into the latter's existing visual simulation and training systems. Quantum3D recently won a multi-million dollar subcontract from Lockheed Martin to provide its AAlchemy PC-based image generators for use in the British combined arms tactical trainer (Ukcatt). This interplay between those involved in image-generation (IG) technology and the larger simulator prime contractors has set a pattern that enables major companies to pick and mix, without having to seek vertical integration by the acquisition of smaller specialist suppliers. Nevertheless, some that have specialised in IG have managed to gain a significant penetration in the military market, SGI notably achieving a 42% share according to a Frost & Sullivan report.

The end of the Cold War has opened new markets to leaders such as SGI, which in the Czech Air Force, has found a customer for its visualisation and supercomputing technology used in a Su-22 simulator. The training system was supplied last year by SGI in conjunction with the Czech-based Virtual Reality Media and a local manufacturer of simulation systems. The company claims to be the first to bring a modular `building block' approach to the subject and says that all the latest generation fighter simulators make use of its visuals.

Significant advances in IG technology continue to bring real advances that soon filter down to other players in the visuals business, and to the wider simulation field beyond. For example, Avior is a new digital system that makes it possible to operate several projection heads with one laser source. Shown for the first time at I/Itsec 2000, Avior has been developed by STN Atlas in collaboration with Schneider Laser Technologies. Weighing only some eight kilos, the Avior projection head is separated from its laser source and consequently it is possible to replace hydraulic motion systems with electric systems. The latter are more compact and lighter, as well as less demanding in maintenance terms. The first military application for the Avior will be for eight new full mission simulators to upgrade the German Air Force Tornado facility at Holloman AFB New Mexico. To enter service in 2002, the ,Avior is more expensive than standard tube or crystal systems, but the through life costs will be considerably less. So the STN Atlas breakthrough is expected to lead to simulation upgrade business -- a growth sector of the market.

Currently modernising 12-year-old Tucano dynamic flight simulators for the RAE Alenia Marconi Systems has chosen Evans & Sutherland to provide its simFusion image generators. This PC-based solution was chosen because it allows full access to the preferred Vega application programming interface. However, competition in the projection sector is no less fierce than in other aspects of simulation.

These include lower life cycle costs, less weight and easier maintenance. However, Barco too has developed a new projector that is smaller as well as providing sharper images. Called HudView this produces ultra-high resolution images that are twice as bright as the projected background. Hence the name given to this new projector used for head-up displays applications. One way or another, the trend is toward the use of 3D visuals, or as near as budgets will allow. As a specialist in low-cost PC-based systems, Primary Image has promoted its 2_D concept of having a 2D image such as a photo interacting with 3D objects. This niche product has proved to be particularly suited to fixed viewpoint trainers such as shoulder launched missiles, small arms and forward observation. While the Primary Image 2_D system has existed for a number of years, the new VisionStation hemispherical display system was introduced only last year but has quickly found acceptance in the market. Under development by Elumens for several years, the Vision-Station is described as a visualisation tool that melds people with digital graphics. The system is said to provide interactive scenarios that are closer to real-life than other 3D or immersive display systems.

In another alliance between a major player in the simulation business and a smaller specialist company, CAE's Military Simulation & Training division has teamed with AIS/Nitor, itself an Anglo-American partnership formed less than two years ago. Drawing on the Invertron direct fire and indirect fire trainer range together with the AIS/Nitor small arms training systems, CAE plans to use its new Strive real-time framework and tactical environment to provide higher levels of realism.

Lockheed Martin Information Systems and Schwarz Electro-Optics have recently formed a partnership, in this case to bid for the US Army Follow-on to Miles 2000. Designed to provide new simulation hardware to replace existing equipment that has exceeded its useful life, Follow-on Miles 2000 makes use of new technology to add more realism and enable soldiers to acquire the skills required to survive in combat. The outcome of the competition should be decided later this year and given the large number of earlier Miles users, the winner should secure valuable business.

Who Makes Training Affordable?

Not content with the fact that simulation substantially reduces training costs, some governments are increasingly looking to industry to fund the provision of equipment. The Nato Flying Training in Canada in which Bombardier has invested some $510 million is an example that is up and running. Meanwhile, the proposed British Military Flying Training Scheme could tie up $1.45 billion of BAE Systems' assets.

But it is not just aerospace companies that are being asked to provide hardware; simulator manufacturers are also being called upon to supply equipment for hire. These schemes save defence budgets but oblige the formation of consortia to fund what would normally be paid for by government treasuries. The Medium Support Helicopter Aircrew Training Facility in Britain is an example in which a major simulation company has supplied equipment under a contract set to run for 40 years. However, the arrangement does provide for the `sale' of spare capacity to third parties and under a contract with EH Industries, some Canadian aircrews are to be provided with conversion training on the EH-101.

So if the banks and other backers are satisfied with the expected return on capital, then all concerned with taking the privatised path should be content -- or perhaps not? We are aware of at least one such privatised training contract in which neither side is satisfied but both are loth to openly suggest that it be re-negotiated for fear of the political fall-out. Forty years is a long time, too long for mistakes to go unrectified. Regardless of defence cuts (or even because of them), training and simulation is certain to remain a growth industry. As professional forces take over from conscripts, the smaller numbers (they are always smaller) must be trained to the highest standards. Fortunately, the training and simulation industry is just bursting with talent and ready to meet future demands.
3rd Tech

Contact: Doug Schiff
Address: 119 E Franklin St.
 Chapel Hill, NC
 27514 USA
Tel: +1 919 929 1903
Fax: +1 919 929 2098

Former Company Name: CDAT

Company Description: This company manufactures advanced products for scene and object digitising and for high precision wide-area tracking, based on technology developed at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. The DeltaSphere-3000 is a 3D laser scene digitiser that captures and creates accurate 3D models, with colour, or room-sized objects and spaces for use in simulation design, construction, set design for film and video etc. The HiBall-3000 tracker is a wide-area, high-performance tracking system that provides accurate position and orientation for use in virtual and augmented reality, training and simulation. 3rd Tech's NanoManipulator enhances the power of ThermoMicroscopes Scanning Probe Microscopes (SPMs) with force feedback and advanced 3D computer graphics to provide an intuitive and informative user interface.
Alenia Marconi Systems

Contact: Kate Drewer
Address: The John Sutcliffe Building,
 Donibristle, Fife,
 KY11 9JX, Scotland.
Tel: +44 1383 821 921
Fax: +44 1245 702 700

Company Description: Offering its customers a `train as you fight' capability, AMS offers both operational systems and simulators. The UK-based Dundridge College for example was developed by the Ferranti company to provide air traffic control and air defence controller training and this expertise has led to the provision of a similar training facility for the Oman Ministry of Defence. The British RAF has been supplied with Military ATC Synthetic Environment (MASE) simulators. Partnered with Lockheed Martin, Alenia Marconi Systems is to supply the British Army with simulator modules for the combined arms tactical trainer (CATT).

Associated Products: The Elusion electronic warfare training system can be used for aircrew mission training. Users: Most of the company's products have been supplied to UK forces but AMS is broadening its customer base.

Contact: Yossi Zeitounei
Address: 7 Haplada Street,
Tel: +972 3 53 88663
Fax: +972 3 533 9223

Company Description: Founded in 1969 by Amcor, Amcoram produces outdoor target simulation combat systems (TASC) that are used to train soldiers to hold, aim and fire their weapons. The system is designed for use in live fire infantry training as well as for tanks. The TASC system is designed for quick and easy deployment wherever required and has extensive and proven field experiences. Targets provide for a high reliability of all levels of training in all weather conditions and in both day and night applications. The TASC system can create real-life combat simulated situations to promote operational readiness. The targets are easily upgraded and come complete with a full maintenance and follow-up support infrastructure. Amcoram also produces simulators and maintenance trainers. The company's TEC-1 simulator provides an indoor training solution for small arms and anti-tank missile operators and is used by military, police and other security personnel.

Associated Products: Infantry and tank pop-up targets for live fire, computerised firing ranges for infantry, mechanised and armour units using live ammunition, and the TACTICom tactical tank commander trainer system. The LWS-2 add-on laser warning systems for armoured fighting vehicles and naval applications is another member of the Amrcoram product line. The LWS-2 can trigger countermeasures such as smoke launchers, jamming systems, hard-kill devices. The LWS-3 is the system for naval applications. Users: A number of military and other forces have been supplied with Amcoram training devices.
Anacapa Sciences

Contact: Steven P. Rogers, Ph.D.
Address: 301 East Carrillo St.,
 Santa Barbara CA
 93101, USA
Tel: +1 805 966 6157 ext 14
Fax: +1 805 966 7713

Company Description: The Prisms virtual reality helicopter simulator uses to dual NT workstations, a helmet-mounted display and head tracker to provide an immersive visual display. It includes cyclic, collective and pedal flight controls, a helicopter flight model, voice recognition and synthesis, 3-dimensional sound generation, user-definable symbol appearance and behavior, along with realistic terrain and full data recording capabilities. Image generation with three OpenGL graphics accelerators. Although implemented as an AH-64 Apache with side-stick control, other designs are easily accommodated. The complete Prisms system packs into two ATA flight cases and is HLA compatible.

Associated Products: Prisms has been configured as an autorotation trainer, as well as an RAH-66 Comanche flight test demonstrator and even a Martian landrover.
Autometric Inc

Contact: Tom Fortunato
Address: 7700 Boston Boulevard,
 Springfield, VA
 22153-3144, USA
Tel: +1 703 923 4000
Fax: +1 703 923 4001

Company Description: The EDGE product family (EPF) is a 2D, 3D and 4D visualisation tool that enables analysts and decision makers to display real-time feeds in the context of maps, imagery, terrain and weather. EPF brings users a comprehensive, powerful and easy-to-use geospatial solution in two- or three-dimensional planes. With access capabilities to networks across the globe, it maintains strategic communications among all deployments, while its data handling capabilities allows it to render environments for multiple actions around the globe. The EDGE Developer Option is a powerful API toolkit for visualisation, simulation and analysis libraries.

Associated Products: The company's visual security operations console (VSOC) helps to provide surveillance units with a real-time command and control.

Users: US Military.
BAE Systems FST

Contact: Chris Stellwag
Address: 4908 Tampa West Bird,
 Tampa, Florida
 33634 USA
Tel: +1 813 885 7481
Fax: +1 813 887 1439

Former Company Name: Reflectone

Company Description: BAE Systems Flight Simulation and Training provides total training solutions, from the design and manufacture of simulators and training devices to the delivery of training support services. Serving both military and civil markets, BAE Systems Flight Simulation and Training (Reflectone) has over 60 years experience of providing many military customers worldwide with training and simulation hardware and software solutions. The military business unit is a recognised world leader in supplying aircrew and maintenance training on the C-130 Hercules aircraft.

Associated Products: Full flight simulators, operational flight trainers, reconfigurable tactical trainers, maintenance trainers and part task trainers.

Users: USAF, U.S. Navy, U.S. Army, USMC, RAF, RAAF, ROKA, ROCAF, IAF, Airbus.

Contact: Paul M Guse
Address: Mail code 1064297,
 PO Box 516, St. Louis, MO
 63166-0516 USA
Tel: +1 314 232 1520
Fax: +1 314 233 6208

Company Description: Focused on worldwide training systems and services, Boeing is a training system integrator for various air forces. Products include simulators for the JSF and RAH-66, the former having, participated in distributed mission training exercises. E-Learning capabilities, range from Tele-training delivery to producing Scorm-compliant content objects for training and integrated electronic technical manuals. Field deployable support for the AH-64 Apache covers comprehensive crew training systems including Longbow. Specialist trainers produced by Boeing include an F-15C full mission device and an F/A-18 weapon system trainer.

Associated Products: Boeing has co-founded Aviation Training International to provide a full mission simulator and other support for the WAH-64 operated by the UK's Army Air Corps.
Boston Dynamics

Contact: Greg Klecker
Address: 614 Massachusetts Avenue,
 Cambridge, MA
 02139 USA
Tel: +1 617 868 5600 x32
Fax: +1 617 868 5907
e-mail: klecker@bdi.cnm

Company Description: A noted software specialist, Boston Dynamics claims to be a leader in real-time human simulation. The company's products include DI-Guy and PeopleShop, which is designed to simplify the task of adding realistic soldiers and civilians to real-time simulations. Both systems are used for training and analysis in a variety of dismounted urban combat situations, law enforcement, and driving simulation. Indeed, DI-Guy has quickly become the industry standard for 3-Dimensional military simulations and is widely used by military and commercial organisations worldwide. PeopleShop is a tool for creating real-time scenarios that include realistic people and vehicles. Its advanced 3D user interface facilitates the building of scenarios in hours instead of days.

Users: Has supplied many simulator manufacturers.

Contact: Dipl. Ing. Ernst Christians,
Address: Manager Sales & Marketing
 Rosengarten 10, D 22880
 Wedel, Germany
Tel: +49 4103 93 950
Fax: +49 4103 93 9597

Company Description: The company's know-how in laser-based optronics and optical design has earned it a place as a leading supplier of two-way laser-based tactical engagement simulators (TES) and precision gunnery training systems (PGTS). C.O.E.L. s range of eye-safe laser Class 1 simulators include members of the Cosim family, marketed in partnership with Swiss Electronics. The laser- or radio frequency-based Cosim simulators can be stand-alone, or integrated within the team's Codarts, a full-mobile instrumented tactical training environment delivered under the Swiss Simug Combat Training Centre programme in 2000. The company's Cosim simulators support many aspects of group, platoon, company and reinforced unit-level training, with the system's possibilities extended by the unique modular set-up of Codarts. Codarts situates the on-ground units and the leaders in life-like combat situations, and provides commanders with a record of all defensive and offensive movements for further analysis in after-action reviews.

Associated Products: AGDUS Gepard, PGTS for 35 mm twin air defence tank. Otal reference transmitter/receiver for official German laser code (OSAG). Cora is the laser radar system for automatic landing of unmanned airborne vehicles. Coguard is a Laser scanning radar for high-security areas (intruder alert).

Users: Swiss and German armies.
CACI International

Contact: Klaus Dannenberg
Address: 1600 Wilson Blvd.
 Suite 1300, Arlington, VA
 22209, USA.
Tel: +1 703 558 0255
Fax: +1 703 875 2904

Company Description: Formed some 38 years ago; CACI is a source for modelling and simulation solutions for the training, simulation and education communities. CACI International is the prime contractor for JWARS, JQUAD, SARSIM, and MAST, while playing a leading role in JMASS and the ALSP training federation. CACI is also migrating JOISIM functionality into JSIMS. The company is currently developing an HLA-compliant test bed to support simulation-based acquisition of ISR systems. CACI is recognised world-wide as a leading provider of information technology products and services. CACI International aims to provide innovative but practical and cost-effective solutions to training and simulation needs.

Users: CACI has supplied simulation systems and training solutions to each branch of the armed forces of the United States.

Contact: CAE
Address: 8585 Cote de Liesse,
 Saint-Laurent, Quebec
 H4T 1GG Canada
Tel: +1 514 341 6780
Fax: +1 514 734 5718

Company Description: This company produced its first flight simulator (for the RCAF) in 1952 and has grown to become a world leader in this field. It has grown both naturally and by acquisition, taking over UK-based Invertron and more recently, BAE Systems' training and simulation activity. It also has a subsidiary in Germany and has facilities in Australia and the United States. In addition to producing full flight simulators for fixed-and rotary-wing aircraft, CAE supplies full mission simulators, tactical trainers and on-board training systems for land, air and sea applications. Other systems include command team trainers, driver trainers, direct and indirect fire trainers and visual systems. CAE is active!y developing distance learning capabilities.

Associated Products: Some training centres dedicated to the support of military customers are owned and operated by the company.
Carco Electronics

Contact: Edward Prebehalla
Address: 104 Beta Drive,
 Pittsburg, PA
 15238, USA
Tel: +1 412 408 6401
Fax: +1 412 408 6464

Company Description: The company claims to be one of the world leaders in the design and development of specialised precision motion controlled products. Carco Electronics produces a wide range of products for both test and simulation applications, products which are primarily used in the design and development of inertial navigation, guidance and control, missile motion and sensor hardware.

Associated Products: Carco Electronics provides rate tables, multi-axis motion simulators, missile flight motion simulators, antenna positioners, target positioning systems, radome test sets and boresight alignment equipment.

Users: Carco supplies simulation and training solutions to the US Army, Navy and Air Force, Nasa Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, EADS, BAE Systems, Israel Aircraft Industries, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and others.

Contact: Victor Sigitov,
Address: 36 Demonstratsii Street,
 Tula 300034,
Tel: +7 (0) 872 20 4090
Fax: +7 (0) 872 36 5120

Central Design Bureau of Apparatus Engineering (CDBAE)

Company Description: Developed to enable ATGW operators to maintain and improve their skills, this company produces simulators for all models of the Kornet, Metis-M, Konkurs and Fagot. All the simulators draw on computer technology to reproduce combat scenarios employing a full range of sound effects, whilst storing training data. A replica sight, PC and monitor are the major components of the system, along with a replication of the system's ATM control panel. The simulator mission can be changed from one mode to another with the touch of a button. Approximately 250 to 300 simulated launches are required before a soldier is qualified; this training takes between seven and ten days to complete.

Users: In service with the Russian Armed Forces as well as some countries in Asia and the Middle East.

Contact: Scott Passon
Address: 6000 Technology Drive,
 Bldg. 1, Suite A,
 Huntsville, AL 35805, USA
Tel: +1 256 217 2703
Fax: +1 25 217 0117

Company Description: Since its formation in 1995, CG2 Inc. has become a leading supplier of affordable, high-performance software products and services. These cover real-time 3D graphics visualisation and model development, real-time image generation and simulation development. Moreover, the company develops and sells its innovative software products for computer generated graphics to the aerospace and automotive industries, as well as to US government agencies including the military. The CG2 product portfolio includes Mantis, VTree SDK, FACETS and DIScretion. Its software supports Windows, Linux, SGI IRIX and Sun Unix operating systems-based platforms, providing high-performance and realistic visualisations required by the simulation market.

Users: US Army, NASA, many corporations and Department of Defense contractors.
Coleman Research Corp.

Contact: Bill Foster/Lonnie Fouty
Address: 9302 Lee Highway,
 Suite 800, Fairfax, VA
 22031 USA
Tel: +1 703 934 7800
Fax: +1 703 934 7810

Company Description: CRC is a technical services and product development company providing systems design, engineering and integration, information technology, systems engineering and technical analysis services. Its strengths lie in the areas of high fidelity missile and weapons system simulation, engagement analysis, system level performance analysis, weapon system test and evaluation, constructive simulation and exercise. CRC is also active in the distributed simulation/training exercise arena. The Force Operational Readiness Combat Effectiveness Simulator (FORCES) is a government-owned simulation integration environment for military and intelligence operations. It operates in either workstation or PC environments.

Associated Products: Tactical simulation interface unit (TSIU), collaborative virtual prototyping system.
Computer Graphics

Contact: Roy Latham, President
Address: 2483 Old Middlefield Way,
 Suite 140, Mountain View, CA
 94043-2330, USA
Tel: +1 650 903 4920
Fax: +1 650 967 5252

Computer Graphics Systems Development Corp

Company Description: The company's DS-100 simulator incorporates a number of innovative features aimed at reducing the cost of driving simulators while maintaining high fidelity. The head-mounted display requires only a single channel of computer graphics to support a total field of view of more than 180 degrees as the driver moves his head from right to left. Conventional driving simulators using projection displays typically require three graphics channels for the scenery, another channel for the rear view mirror and a detailed mockup of the vehicle interior. Priced at $60,000 with a motion platform or half that without motion, the DS-100 features a special mechanism that facilitates urban visualisation.

Associated Products: RealTexture Library and Tools, E-Town 3D Building Library and Building Editor.
Computer Sciences Corp.

Contact: Dick Winter
Address: 21 Enterprise Parkway,
 Suite 150, Hampton, VA
 23666 USA
Tel: +1 757 262 3403
Fax: +1 757 262 2020
e-mail: dwinter3@scs.cnm

Company Description: Computer Sciences Corporation Training Center of Excellence (TCE) designs and develops cost-effective training, training products and systems for a wide array of customers from classified training for the CIA to commercial employee training. Claimed to be the only ISO 9001 certified training organisation in the USA, TCE offers distributed training via Internet, Intranet, Extranet, Lan or Wan, and applies its expertise to asses organisational requirements, design training systems, recommend performance support tools and evaluate the impact of methodologies and technology.

Associated Products: Courseware Factory has given TCE a leading position in Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI). This reduces the time and cost of developing IMI. Utopia 2000 is a web-based database authoring system that produces courseware that is IMS, Scorm, IEE and AICC compliant.
Diamond Visionics

Contact: David P. Gdovin
Address: 400 Plaza Drive, Suite A,
 Vestal, NY 13850 USA
Tel: +1 6117 729 8526
Fax: +1 607 729 8795

Company Description: Winner of the 2000 SBIR Tibbetts Award, the CCTT digital display unit (DDU) has been developed to replace 26-inch monitors on the commander's popped hatch display. A WAC DDU replacement for the 6-inch monitor is used extensively, in wide angle collimated (WAC) viewing heads and is currently in FAA certification testing. The company also produces a PC-based image generator used for dynamic terrain for military earth moving and mining operations that are HLA and DIS compatible and networked. Wireless and cableless binoculars for military applications are the company's latest product.

Associated Products: Radar system modeling, database mapping and retrieval systems, surface material scattering effects modeling, antennas and propagation models, clutter models.

Users: US Army and US Navy, as well as law enforcement agencies.
Digital Fusion

Contact: David Nilsen
Address: PO Box 118,
 Fort Knox, KY
 40121, USA
Tel: +1 5112 624 7055
Fax: +1 502 624 52911

Previous Company Name: IBS Interactive

Company Description: The company s customised Learning Management System (LMS) is a standards-based, database-driven, Internet-delivered distance learning application. Digital Fusion's Learning Management System is the engine behind the award-winning US Army's Armor Captains Career Course-DL. It delivers interactive, multimedia instruction over the Internet, tracks student activities and performance, manages instructor-student interaction, allows updates to course material and provides administrative controls. Its sophisticated use of database and dynamic and dynamic content allows free, interactive navigation for adult learners while ensuring that they master all required knowledge before moving on to the next level.

Users: US Army Armor and Aviation Schools, US Marine Corps, Sverdrup Corp.

Contact: Joe Swinski
Address: 12424 Research Parkway,
 Suite 380, Orlando, FL
 32826, USA
Tel: +1 407 206 3390
Fax: +1 407 206 3390

Distributed Simulation Technology (DiSTI)

Company Description: DiSTI has developed GL Studio, a rapid application development tool for creating real-time graphics and is said to be the most advanced software for virtual prototyping and creating human machine interfaces. The new software utilises OpenGL and photographic textures to create photorealistic HMIs. The GL Studio designer can be run stand-alone, and produces OpenGL and C++ source code that is easily integrated into simulation programmes. DiSTI's SMOC provides a standard interface to HLA for developers of models and simulations, and also serves as a DIS/HLA gateway to avoid expensive modifications to DIS-compliant systems that participate in HLA exercises. SMOC is a set of C++ object classes with a well-defined Application Programmers' Interface (API) that hides the underlying transport architecture and data protodol/framework from the user. With SMOC can a programmer begin with a new development or a legacy simulator and use the software library to greatly simplify the process of becoming interoperable with other simulations, whether they are DIS or HLA, or some other protocol. SMOC supports multiple FOMs in the same interface.

Associated Products: Training class for Military Simulation including the Simulation Professional Series.

Users:The US Air Force and Navy, along with several commercial customers, use GL Studio to create aircraft instrumentation or Instructor Operator Stations for use in training simulators.
DME Corporation

Contact: Sandra I. Camacho
Address: 12889 Ingenuity Drive,
 Orlando, FL 32826, USA
Tel: +1 407 381 6062 ext 2401
Fax: +1 407 381 6063

Company Description: Founded in 1976, the DME Corporation has become an industry leader in the design, development and manufacture of state-of-the-art training and simulation systems for both US and foreign governments. Products include maintenance, part task and full mission trainers for ground, air (fixed- and rotary-wing), as well as surface and subsurface systems. The F-22 cockpit forward fuselage, seat and canopy and construction mechanic maintenance trainers are examples of complex and sophisticated devices. Further samples include the CH-47 electrical systems maintenance trainer, the Stinger troop proficiency trainer and the DME advanced road trainer (Dart).

Associated Products: Automated test systems equipment and test programme sets.

Users: US Federal and commercial agencies.

Contact: Martin Deister
Address: 88039 Friedrichshafen,
Tel: +49 7545 8 9272
Fax: +49 7545 8 8772

Company Description: On the Virtual Reality Trainer for Air Defence Systems, the gunner uses a weapon simulator that corresponds exactly to the original weapon. Head mounted displays are used by the team leader and gunner to visualise the landscape and target. The team leader employs a mouse to simulate the use of binoculars, giving the gunner directions by pointing, to the proposed target. The gunner views a model of his weapon and the sight in his display, as well as a figurine that represents the team leader. He then takes aim, checks the required super-elevation and fires the missile.

Associated Products: The company also produces a Dome Trainer for use with all kinds of air defence systems including missiles and guns. Other products include: Combat Training Centre, driving simulators, computer-based training and classroom trainers for armoured air defence vehicles.
ECC International

Contact: Chris L. Holden, Proposal
Address: Development Manager
 2001 W. Oak Ridge Road,
 Orlando, FL 328t19, USA
Tel: +1 407 859 7410
Fax: +1 407 855 4840

Company Description: ECC has designed and produced training systems including institutional and unit, maintenance, operator, individual, crew, team, organisation, stand-alone and high fidelity. It claims to be a unique company within the training community.

Associated Products: CCIT and AGTS production -- hardware design and low-cost manufacturing. Low cost (desk top) CCTT -- vehicle dynamic software and visual system integration. Approximately 2000, 76 for delivery by July 2001, meet all training requirement specified by the US Army. Under joint venture contract on Javelin trainer with Raytheon and Lockheed Martin. ECC is also to build the field tactical trainer for US Army Missile Command. It has been awarded a Stricom omnibus contract.

Users: For over 30 years, ECC has supplied training devices and simulators to United States armed forces and has also supplied to more than 25 countries.

Contact: Randy Ridley/Bob McGraw
Address: 1100 Crescent Green,
 Suite 211, Cary, NC
 27511 USA
Tel: +1 9191 816 8787
Fax: +1 919 816 8788

Company Description: The company's new 1.5-metre VisionStation hemispherical display system envelops individual users in computer-rendered 3D graphics. Its introduction signals an intimate convergence of the trainee and displayed content, enabling instructors and trainees to experience intense simulated combat, run specialised equipment and reconnoitre virtual landscapes. VisionStation integrates Elumens' TruTheta imaging technology; the optics, software and screen design surrounding the user in the 180 [degrees] field-of-view displayed content, thus integrating the operator and the digital information. Low-cost, low-maintenance, ease of deployment and use are other features of VisionStation.

Associated Products: The company's Vision series includes two VisionStation models and three VisionDomes ranging in size up to five metres, which can accommodate up to 35 people.
Environmental Tectonics

Contact: Shabbir Merchant
Address: University Science Center
 12001 Science Drive, Suite 180,
 Orlando FL 32826 USA
Tel: +1 407 282 3378
Fax: +1 407 282 3582

Company Description: ETC designs and manufactures aircraft/helicopter simulators as well as ATC, driver, MBT and advanced disaster management simulators. The Gyro family of trainers includes the GAT-II general aviation trainer for multi-purpose basic instrument flight training with unique motion and visual systems that simulate aircraft performance. The Gyro-IPT is an Integrated Physiological Trainer for realtime flight simulation and spatial orientation simulation instruction. Gyro-Flight is the system for instrument procedures and IFR navigation instruction. The Gyro-Lab Advanced Spatial Orientation Trainer helps remedy spatial disorientation -- the number one casual factor in fatal mishaps attributed to pilot error -- and uses a simulated cockpit, wide field of view virtual image display and unique motion base technology to reproduce any of the conditions which can lead to disorientation or loss of situational awareness.

Associated Products: Other divisions produce integrated avionics maintenance trainer s (IAMT), the Gyro--I and Gyroflight for spatial orientation training, as well as spatial disorientation trainers and the GFET high-G flight simulator, which is a man-rated centrifuge with high-G/rapid onset flight simulations for building G-tolerance, practicing anti-G straining techniques and training for air combat manoeuvres. ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries is a Warsaw-based flight simulator manufacturer.

Users: Has supplied military and commercial customers in 54 countries worldwide.
Evans & Sutherland

Contact: Joan Mitchell
Address: 600 Komas,
 Salt Lake City, UT
 84108, USA
Tel: +1 801 588 1000
Fax: +1 801 588 4538

Company Description: Widely known as a supplier of leading-edge hardware and software for visual systems and professional workstations, E&S systems produce vivid, highly realistic 3D graphics and synthetic environments. The company's expertise and technology base is claimed to be deeper and broader than any of its competitors. This enables the company to pursue new markets where powerful, cost-effective visual technology has direct application. E&S produces a range of sophisticated visual systems for simulation and training applications. It also produces high-performance, professional level graphics acceleration technology and graphics subsystems for virtually every major manufacturer of Windows NT workstations. Evans & Sutherland's Harmony image generator creates the visuals used to train RAF pilots at the Defence Helicopter Flying School in Shawbury, England.

Associated Products: Ensilble Simulation System, Integrator Synthetic Environment Construction and ESIG series image generators. The ESCP 3000 Projector offers built-in system diagnostics and system protection. Sensors simulation for low-visibility equipment (night vision goggles, infrared sensors, radar).

Users: Military and commercial training establishments worldwide, in the case of the former, for air, sea and land warfare.
Excalibur Systems

Contact: Harvey Parisien, Director
Address: 50 Hines Road, Suite 200,
 Kanata, Ontario,
 K2K 2M5 Canada
Tel: +1 613 591 6000
Fax: +1 613 591 6001

Company Description: A subsidiary of Sierra Research, Excalibur System's products focus on Electronic Warfare (EW) simulation and training systems that simulate real world threats and battlespace with extremely high levels of fidelity. The products include those that simulate and stimulate ESM, ELINT RWR and self-contained jammer receiving systems. In addition, the inexpensive virtual integrated electronic warfare simulator (VIEWS), delivered on CD-ROM, enables EW operators to be trained anywhere, using software installed from CD on standard multimedia PCs. VIEWS allows Excalibur to deliver EW trainers onboard live platforms, in classrooms, on stand-alone deployable notebooks or via web-based distributed learning systems.

Users: The company has supplied the US Navy, USAF Wright Patterson AFB, ARGO systems and Nato.
Fakespace Systems

Contact: Jeffrey Brum
Address: 809 Wellington St. N,
 Kitchener, ON
 Canada N2G 4J6
Tel: +1 519 749 3144
Fax: +1 519 749 3151

Company Description: The company claims to be the leading worldwide provider of devices, structure and environments for advanced interactive visualization technologies. Building on a core of complete innovative and integrated visualization solutions, Fakespace works to accelerate insight and enable truly interactive collaboration. The aim is to provide users with better ways to create and communicate. Attention to detail in the transition from the real environment to the virtual world helps make the difference between Fakespace's fluid experience and an interrupted one.

Associated Product: Fakespace Systems WorkWall, CAVE, RAVE, ImmersaDesks and conCAVE are proprietary associated products, built on a core of advanced visualization technologies.

Users: The company's products have found application in industry and with military users.

Contact: Kim Dunn
Address: 7340 McGinnis Ferry Road,
 Suwanee, GA
 30024, USA
Tel: +1 770 813 0180
Fax: +1 770 622 3530

Firearm Training Systems Incorporated

Company Description: The CST 300D trainer supports marksmanship and shoot/no shoot use of force training. The Windows-based instructor interface and open architecture design allows for multiple language support as well as easy future upgrades. As an option, the trainer system can support High Level Architecture. The system supports training from individual marksmanship skills through team/ squad level tactical exercises with a variety of modified weapons. In addition, field artillery and mortar applications are available on the FATS Indirect Fire Trainer (IFT), which will train mortar crews, forward observers and field direction centre personnel. Other products from FATS Include patented mortar simulators and dedicated FO training.

Users: US and allied military forces and law enforcement agencies.
FlightSafety International

Contact: Jim Scott
Address: 2700 North Hemlock Circle,
 Broken Arrow, OK
 74012 USA
Tel: +1 918 259 5453
Fax: +1 918 259 3198

Company Description: The company has training systems in place or is developing them on such diverse systems as the C-141, C-5, KC-135, Jpats, Jstars and V-22. FSI was contracted by Raytheon to develop and produce a number of training systems in support of the Texan II used in the Jpats programme and subsequently will produce similar units for Greece. These simulators feature the company's Vital ChromaView visuals. FSI is contracted for logistics support for simulator maintenance at the US Marine Corps Air Station, New River, NC. FSI is a member of the Boeing team producing C-17 full-flight simulators for use by USAF personnel.

Associated Products: FSI trains over 50,000 pilots and aircraft maintenance technicians annually at 42 simulation centres dedicated to specific aircraft types. Although primarily intended for civil users, many of these also provide training for military users.

Users: In addition to the USAF, pilots and engineers from many other armed forces make use of the FlightSafety International facilities.
Frasca International

Contact: Peggy Prichard
Address: 906 E. Airport Road,
 Urbana, IL
 61802-7407, USA
Tel: +1 217 344 9200
Fax: +1 217 344 9207

Company Description: The company manufactures certified full flight simulators, flight training devices, cockpit procedures trainers and non-certified ab initio trainers for the airline, military and general aviation industries. Modifications and upgrades of all types of simulation and training equipment are performance. In 1990 Frasca entered the field of full-flight simulators and has produced models with 3-DoF and 6-DoF motion platforms. The TH-67 CPT simulator closely reproduces the appearance, cockpit layout and operation of the Bell TH-67, used by the US Army at Ft. Rucker, Alabama to train initial entry rotary wing students as well as other helicopter pilots. With the addition of a visual system, the TH-67 FTD provides and excellent platform for introducing new pilots to the basics of hovering and transitional flight.

Associated Products: Engineering and consulting services are available.

Users: Military operators, national and international airlines and a variety of flying schools all utilise the company equipment. Frasca has sold over 1400 training devices in 70 countries. Frasca-built equipment is operated by the Argentine, Columbian, Spanish air forces, the Mexican Navy and Air Force, British Army Aviation and the US Army.
GDI Simulation

Contact: Caroline Campion
Address: 5 rue Jean Mace,
 BP 30, 92151
 Suresnes, France.
Tel: +33 146 97 26 56
Fax: +33 140 99 26 51

Company Description: GDI Simulation is ISO 9901 and AQAP 110 qualified and its product range includes: Gunnery training simulators that mainly reproduce the real weapon in mockup form while providing the soldier's environment (imagery) for technical instruction. These include the DX 407/SIT Eryx, DX166, DX143, DX160 for anti-tank weapons and air defence systems. Other products include tactical engagement and direct fire weapons effects simulators, one-way and two-way laser-based devices covering the principal army ground weapon systems. These include small arms, rockets, anti-tank missiles (such as Eryx and Milan), MBTs including Leclerc, helicopters, machine guns. Target engagement and precision gunnery simulators use laser technology and are designed for tactical training. This family of interoperable products enables realistic manoeuvres to be carried out on the terra in combining various weapon systems (helicopters, tanks, missiles, rockets, light weapons) in regiments or in combat training centres. GDI Simulation also offers a family of interoperable laser-based tactical engagement gunnery simulators, using synthesized images and intended for troup instruction in procedures, handling and accuracy.

Associated Products: A universal target for ground vehicles and associated peripherals are other products from GDI, plus training support and maintenance.

Users: The French Army, as well as some in the Middle East, Africa and the Americas.

Contact: Mike Donfrancesco
Address: 73 Second Avenue,
 Burlington, MA
 01803, USA
Tel: +1 781 270 0090
Fax: +1 781 229 8995

Company Description: InterSense's motion tracking technology leverages the lastest advances in inertial and ultrasonic tracking to climate the jitter, lag and distortion that plagued earlier versions of training simulators. InterSense's systems track user movements and correlate them with the virtual environment. Now soldiers, pilots and others can train in a 3D environment more closely matching the real world. The company's IS-900,-600 and -300 precision motion tracking systems provide precise, wide-area, interference-free head, hand and object tracking supporting advanced simulation that immerses trainees into the synthetic battlefield. The IS-900 product family, based on InterSense's proprietary Constellation technology and SensorFusion algorithms, delivers precise and accurate wide area, interterence-free, head, hand and object tracking for the most demanding immersive 3D applications. In addition, the IS-900 SCT's integrated universal film/video lens encoder lets producers use any camera and lens combination that meets their requirements, providing the ultimate precision solution in camera/effects/ talent co-ordination. All of InterSense's tools are very intuitive, to provide for greater freedom and creativity, with a tracking stylus, tracking wand and 3D View Finder available. Caves, PowerWalls and ImmersaDesks, rooms and buildings all profit from the IS-900 product line's precision motion tracking solutions.

Associated Products: Included are the IS-900 Virtual Environment Tracker, Virtual Workbench Tracker and Large Area Tracker.

Contact: Olan Sandnes
Address: PO Box 1003,
 3601 Kongsberg,
Tel: +47 32 28 69 12
Fax: +47 32 28 98 90

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace

Company Description: The company's product range includes sonar trainers, action speed tactical trainers, gunnery trainers for Mistral, gunnery dome trainers, Hellfire and RB70 missile trainers, combined combat simulators, gunnery trainers for the Leopard 1/2 MBT and CV9030 APC, propulsion plant simulators and ship bridge simulators. In the air, on land, above and below the waves, Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace (KDA) is a market leader in the virtual reality space. KDA is Norway's leading defence supplier in missile, command, C3I and weapon control, as well as defence communication simulators. The combined resources available within the KongsbergGroup of companies have given KDA a unique position in this field.

Associated Products: Kongsberg's Defence Communications sector is an important player in the area of mobile communication systems for military use. The tactical communication system, EriTac, and the new multi-role radio system MRR, provide secure communication for high-speed data and voice in a tactical environment. Kongsberg also supplies various command, C3I, weapons control & information systems to many armed services. Kongsberg has also developed an anti-ship cruise missile (ASCM) which was firmly based on Norway's defensive posture of denying enemy naval forces passage through its territorial waters.

Users: More than 500 simulators of various kinds, plus a variety of defence products, are in use with different forces throughout the world.
Kor Electronics

Contact: Richard Damon
Address: 11958 Monarch Street,
 Garden Grove, CA
 92841, USA
Tel: +1 714 898 8200
Fax: +1 714 895 7526

Company Description: Kor Electronics is a leading-edge technology company that designs, develops and manufactures major electronic warfare (EW) subsystems, as well as test and training systems, reliable simulation, training and testing products for radars, seekers, and other radio frequency sensors. The company is certified to Department of Defense and Nato quality standards. Its primary products are digital RF memories (DRFMs), advanced ECM/ target simulators and the highest fidelity radar environment simulators (RES) utilising a wide variety of technologies. Kor Electronics' DRFMs receive, capture, store, delay, alter, regenerate, synthesize and retransmit coherent RFpulses. They are currently used by all US armed services and a number of major US and foreign prime contractors in ground- and ship-based, airborne and missile radar/seeker applications, and can substantially enhance existing ECM system performance.

Associated Products: Signal delay generators that are fundamentally identical to DRFMs.

Users: US Navy and Air Force, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Eads and BAE Systems.
Link Simulation & Training

Contact: Rick Oyler
Address: 2200 Arlington Downs Road,
 Arlington, Texas
 76011 USA
Tel: +1 817 619 2200
Fax: +1 817 619 3555

Former Company Name: Raytheon Systems; Flight Simulation Division and Raytheon Systems Training Services Division.

Company Description: Link Simulation & Training is a leading supplier of simulators and training services for military forces. Link builds or modifies trainers that support the B-2, F-117, F/A-18, F16, F-22, C-130, T-45, the E-3 Aircrew Training System and a wide range of helicopters. Link experts provide training courseware and curriculum management. It is also very involved in combined arms training initiatives, serving as prime on the US Army's aviation combined arms tactical trainer, aviation reconfigurable manned simulator and fire support combined arms tactical trainer programmes. Link's capabilities encompass distance learning and web-based training; training system delivery and management; simulation and training. research; and aircraft maintenance trainer design.

Associated Products: The SimuSphere visual system display combines an expandable dodecahedron design with commercially available low-cost, high performance image generators and projectors. It is available in five configurations. Link has a strong heritage as a leading provider of helicopter simulators, highlighted by the present development of the US Army's Aviation Combined Arms Tactical Trainer -- Aviation Reconfigurable Manned Simulator program, which is being underscored today on flight simulator programs for the AH-64, AH-1, UH-60, MV-22 and CH-47.

Users: Link services the US and other international armed forces, as well as government agencies.
Lockhead Martin

Contact: Nick Ali
Address: 12506 Lake Underhill Road,
 MP 851, Orlando FL
 32825-5002, USA
Tel: +1 407 306 2853
Fax: +1 407 306 2298

Company Description: Lockheed Martin has installations and systems worldwide. As a leading provider of training systems, LMIS is engaged across the simulation continuum of virtual, live and constructive training systems for the US Department of Defense, as well as international, commercial and domestic customers. Drawing on IT and large-scale integration skills, the company is meeting needs for: wargaming, aviation, infantry and ground combat vehicle training, reconfigurable training devices, driver and gunnery trainers, appended and embedded trainers and live training instrumentation systems.

Associated Products: Distributed interactive virtual training systems, battle command constructive training systems, aviation aircrew and maintenance trainers, gunnery, driver, reconfigurable and aircrew training systems, combat training centres, laser-based tactical engagement simulation and live fire systems.
LRK Associates

Contact: Len Kravitz, President & CEO
Address: 3911 Lake Mira Drive,
 Orlando, FL
 32817-1645, USA
Tel: +1 407 673 4056
Fax: +1 407 673 4038

Company Description: LRK Associates is a business consultancy company that assists and enhances large-and small companies (including 8a certified) in meeting their development goals. The company provides assistance in the planning, identification, pursuance and capture of new and follow on US federal government and commercial business in the training, modelling and simulation systems marketplace. LRK is located close to the US Army STRICOM and US Navy NAWCTSD. Other services include brief up-to-date corporate capabilities to government and industry organizations, which helps to identify potential business opportunities in the early stages. Providing organzational information and access to government and industry organizations.

Associated Products: Business and marketing plans and promotional material. Photographic services, corporate & marketing brochures, website development, business and marketing plans and exhibit coordination.

Users: Many training and simulation companies, as well as federal organisations, including Aero Simulation, Computer Sciences Corporation, Litton TASC, National Training Systems Association and SI International.
MacDonald Dettwiler

Contact: Brett Johnson
Address: 2060 Walkley Road,
 Ottawa, Ontario
 K1G 3P5 Canada
Tel: +1 613 736 9716 ext 324
Fax: +1 613 736 7549

Company Description: The company's naval combat operator trainer (NCOT) is a computer-based training systems that is based on a GPRT architecture, using a combination of simware, graphicsware and Cots hardware and software to meet Navy training needs. Users learn to operate and control naval weapon and sensor systems in a CBT focused individual-paced training environment, plus NCOT can be reconfigured to provide tactical scenarios for sub-team and full team training. The tactical models include environmental models, scenario generation and a dynamic gaming capability.

Associated Products: Command and Control Information systems, mine warfare systems.

Users: The Canadian Navy has Ncot and is training future naval combat teams based upon frigate and destroyer emulations. Future plans: inclusion of Victoria submarine operator training modules.
Medical Plastics Lab

Contact: Marion Young
Address: PO Box 38, 226 FM 116,
 Gatesville, TX
 76528, USA
Tel: +1 800 433 5539
Fax: +1 254 265 1150

Company Description: Medical Plastics Laboratory's Laerdal SimMan universal patient simulator is set to revolutionise the method by which health care providers in all fields are provided. The SimMan model was designed and developed in response to a rapidly increasmg interest for scenario-based training in both civilian and military circles. It is a life-like human simulator that provides reaslistic training in controlled settings. Said to reduce cost and malpractice risk, its uses include staff orientation, continuing education, new resident training and recurrent training. The product is seen to be particularly important in military training.

Associated Products: MegaCode ACLS and Ultimate Hurt manikins, traumatic amputation stumps, anatomy models and skeletons.

Users: A variety of military, hospitals, colleges and medical schools.

Contact: Narem Shahani
Address: 12104 Indian Creek Court,
 Suite H, Beltsville, MD 2
 0705, USA
Tel: +1 301 210 0910
Fax: +1 301 210 0914

Company Description: Established in 1993 to the provide the US government and private industry with innovative solutions to meet future technology and training objectives. It specialises in the design, production and modification of anti-submarine warfare (ASW), surface and sub-surface platforms, flight simulators, maintenance trainers and weapon systems. MES has received a number of awards in recognition of its total quality management and customer satisfaction.

Associated Products: 14A12 team tactics simulator, C-12 (King Air 200) flight simulator, UH-60 Blackhawk CPT, C130 maintenance trainer, trident command and control, target and training ranges, M1A1 Abrams ICOFT, GPS, contractor logistics support and flight simulator instruction.

Users: US Army, Navy, Air Force, and National Guard, DARPS, Japan Maritime Self Defence Force and major defence contractors.
Metric Systems

Contact: Todd Kortbein
Address: 645 Anchors Street,
 Fort Walton Beach, FL
 32548 USA
Tel: +1 850 302 3300
Fax: +1 850 302 3371

Company Description: Metric System's autonomous air combat training system (MAACTS) provides air forces with the capability to train anywhere, at anytime autonomously. Its capabilities include: a pod-to-pod communications system, no-drop weapons scoring, realtime kill notification, safety advisories, high-fidelity weapons simulation, state-of-the-art, realtime display and debriefing stations, exceptional time-space-position accuracy, realtime monitoring and interoperability with all Nato forces.

Associated Products: USAFE rangeless interim training system (URITS), the URITS data link subsystem provides a rangeless operational capability using Metric's unique Random Access Pod Interactive Data Link (Rapid). Fast-mover rangeless instrumentation (FMRI) advanced range data systems.

Users: US Air Force in Europe, AFOTEC, US Tn-Service.

Contact: Ron Quigley
Address: 3601-72nd Avenue S.E.
 Calgary, Alberta
 T2C 2K3 Canada
Tel: +1 4113 236 2431
Fax: +1 4113 236 1831

Company Description: Military International Limited (MIL) manufactures a complete anti-tank mines effect simulator (MES), designed to add realization to soldier training, the system includes a full-width attack fuse. The MES is completely modular and can be used independently or interfaced with major weapon effects simulator systems. The Mil MES includes rugged molded urethane trackable mines which operate using a nine-volt battery and are designed to be fully reusable. The MIT indicator is also of rugged design, and utilises a self-contained twelve-volt rechargeable NiCad power supply. The system can utilize a strobe light or smoke indicator as signal device.

Associated Products: Mil-DI mine detectors, Wer'wolf and Wolf mine protected vehicles.

Users: Nato, French, Japanese and Australian forces, the UN, NGDS and various demining contractors.
Moog Systems Group

Contact: Alyson Grande
Address: Seneca Street, Plant 20,
 East Aurora, NY
 141152, USA
Tel: +1 716 687 4000
Fax: +1 716 687 4467

Company Description: As a manufacturer of precision motion control systems for the aerospace and industrial markets, Moog's System Group manufactures electric motion bases for the simulation training market. The company has delivered over 200 electric motion platforms worldwide and provides support in 24 countries. The smallest base, 6DOF2000E, is capable of 1000 kg, while the medium-range 6DOF5000E has capabilities up to 2500 kg. The larger bases, the 6DOF7000E and the 4DOF9000E, can withstand 6000 kg.

Associated Products: Moog is a major supplier of actuation system components, its motion control electronics, electro-mechanical actuators, brushless electric servomotors and digital motor controllers are promoted as viable solutions to custom applications.

Users: Motion simulator training as well as spatial disorientation and research in many countries.
New Swede Construction

Contact: Leif Nyfelt CEO
Address: Gesallgatan 1
 SE-541 50
 Skovde, Sweden
Tel: +46 500 44 36 60
Fax: +46 500 44 36 69

Company Description: The Urban Warfare Training System (UWTS) is a patented tracking product from MSC for mobile or permanent installation. It functions by equipping soldiers, fire arms, hand grenades and other items with electronic tags and transponders. All elements involved in urban warfare are tracked and recorded in realtime with a high degree of accuracy. Antennas register the data from transponders. The system also includes effects simulation. All information is sent to EXCON for realtime or after action review.

Associated Products: The IST mine training system can simulate and train advanced landmine operations in realtime under realistic scenarios. The IST landmine clearance training system provides personnel with an understanding of the hazards involved in the deployment of landmines and booby-traps, information regarding possible wrong actions being obtained during the action.

Contact: Dr Juhani Heinula
Address: Teklogogiantie 2,
 90570 Oulu,
Tel: +358 8 551 4351
Fax: +358 8 556 4111

Company Description: Is a pioneer in the manufacture of optoelectronic shooter training and analysis systems and produces firing training devices for marksmanship and field training purposes. Noptel has supplied systems to over 50 countries from every continent. Noptel's first military customer was, naturally, the Finnish Defence Forces, and with this contract began a co-operation that has continued since the middle of the 1980s. The St-2000 series products consist of three basic parts: an optical unit attached to the gun, an RS box for a computer interface and a reflective target. The ST-2000 MilTrainer is the military version of the system. A marksmanship training and analysis device designed to be used outdoors with a real shooting distance from 10 to 300 metres. From one to sixteen shooters can be connected simultaneously to one personal computer for analysis and scoring. The instructor can easily mom for the training of one single trainee or the whole group. The reflectors contain one or more four-element prisms, depending on the shooting range. Both indoor and outdoor use for dry training or with blanks.

Users: Has been supplied to many armies and law enforcement units.
Oerlikon Contraves

Contact: Dr John Pike
Address: Birchstrasse 155,
 CH 8050
 Zurich, Switzerland.
Tel: +41 1 316 3482
Fax: +41 1 316 3361

Company Description: Simlas is a light-weight laser-based system developed for infantry combat integrated development but with an integrated tactical engagement simulation capability. Soldiers can be tracked externally via an integral GPS. Associated building instrumentation allows indoor acoustic tracking and event data monitoring during urban operations training. Simlas technology is the basis for the LPDD TESS recently developed for the US Army STRICOM.

Associated Products: Hand grenade simulation, AD commander and staff tactical mission training and planning, as well as fire control, command post and gun firing operations, evaluation and simulation of AD firing range, driving simulators, CBT and CAI.

Users: US Army Infantry Center, STRICOM, US Navy Seals, two other NATO armies and special forces in the Middle East.

Contact: Mary Hogan
Address: 3115 Professional Drive,
 Ann Arbor, Michigan
 48104-5131 USA
Tel: +1 734 973 1177 ext 221
Fax: +1 734 973 1199
URL: www.omi.cmu

Company Description: DIS and HLA simulations of Sigint systems and integrated defence systems for use in training and acquisition studies. Multi-SIM-SIGINT simulates the performance of multi-platform communications and electronic intelligence systems within DIS or HLA environments. Functions simulated include threat intercept and target location with DF, TDOA and DD techniques. The system can be standalone or embedded in the operational system. MultiSIM-IDS is available to simulate threat sensors and countermeasures in ground vehicle exercises. It can also simulate missile launch and missile-tracking sensors, as well as laser warning receivers coupled to various decoys.

Associated Products: MultiSIM-SIGINT and MultiSIM-IDS can be customised to represent specific systems. A complete training system can be designed to match a specific customer's requirements.

Contact: Cedric Grand-Pierre
Address: 5524 St-Patrick, Suite 302,
 Montreal, Quebec
 H4E 1A8 Canada.
Tel: +1 514 766 8868
Fax: +1 514 766 8861

Company Description: The company provides e-Engineering Chain solutions that enable companies to integrate their multi-disciplinary engineering organisations with those of their suppliers, partners and customers. These chains allow companies to design, develop, test, maintain and update complex systems and products faster, at less cost and with less risk through collaboration, remote access and simulation. Indeed, they are the cornerstone of Simulation Based Acquisition. In OSim and OSim Simulation Module, the company has produced the world's first web-based, multi-disciplinary e-Engineering Chain solution and the first integrated HLA simulation development environment respectively.

Associated Products: OSim SMIT integrates OSim products with Simulink/ Matlab from The Mathworks, while OsimRoseLink integrates them with the Rational Rose product.
Pennant Training Systems

Contact: Peter Jones
Address: Pennant Court, Staverton
 Technology Park, Cheltenham,
 Glos. GL51 6TL, England
Tel: +44 1452 714 914
Fax: +44 1452 714 438

Former Company Name: Pennant International

Company Description: Pennant Training Systems specialises in the design and manufacture of training solutions for the British and various overseas defence forces. Its product range includes training and simulation systems to satisfy operational, procedural and maintainer requirements, including computer based training, emulators, part-task and procedural simulators. With experience spanning over 40 years, Pennant Training Systems is accredited with BS EN ISO 9001 and TickIT.

Associated Products: Pennant's product line includes courseware, emulators, type-specific and generic simulators, scheduling and resource management software.

Users: British Ministry of Defence, as well as the North American, Middle East and Far East (including Australasian) defence forces.
Primary Image

Contact: Martin Pincock
Address: Millbank House,
 171-185 Ewell Road, Surbiton,
 Surrey, KT6 6AP England
Tel: +44 8700 788 888
Fax: +44 208 339 9091

Company Description: Primary Image is a leading manufacturer and supplier of PB-based image generation solutions for training and simulation applications. Primary Image has been providing visual solutions for the PC platform since the early 1990s and continues to be at the forefront of today's simulation solution technology. Tempest is a fully featured API designed by Primary Image to reduce the cost and time previously taken to produce complex and spectacular applications. Tempest brings new and exciting simulation effects such as flares and localised light points.

Associated Products: `Renaissance' encompasses the entire range of Primary Image products from a single board solution through to multi-channel systems. Shoulder launch missile trainer, gunnery and TOW training, marshalling simulator, flight and driver simulation.

Users: Has supplied a number of armed forces around the world.
Pulau Electronics

Contact: Michael E. Wikan
Address: 3- 12633 Challenger Parkway,
 Suite 200, Orlando FL
 32826, USA
Tel: +1 4117 380 9191 ext 228
Fax: +1 4117 380 9786

Company Description: This company performs operations and maintenance support of training devices and simulators for the American armed forces. Pulau has some 370 personnel located at more than 40 sites from Kosovo to Korea. Pulau Electronics provides Contractor Maintenance Support (CMS), Contractor Operational Maintenance with Supply Support (COMS) and Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) for a variety of electronic products and training/simulations systems. Pulau provides this support on seven major training systems/device contracts covering a broad range of simulators and simulations at more than 50 sites in the US, Germany, Italy and Korea. The company also performs simulator installation, transport and relocation as a turnkey support. Primary devices include CCTT, mobile SIMNET, COFT and all US Army gunnery and maintenance trainers worldwide.

Users: Pulau has been providing total turn-key support to the armed forces for more than 25 years and the principal contracts are with the US Army TRICOM) and US Navy (NAWSD). Navy devices currently supported include SH-60 and P-3 flight trainers.
Quantum 3D

Contact: Jennifer Ellard
Address: 180 Great Oaks Blvd.
 San Jose, CA
 95119, USA
Tel: +1 408 361 9962
Fax: +1 408 361 9980

Company Description: Quantum 3D's AAlchemy third-generation PC-based image generator is said to set the standard for realtime 3D graphics performance. The family delivers full-scene anti-aliasing and scalable graphics performance-enabling realtime rendering of complex synthetic environments -- rich in cultural features -- at sustained frame rates. AAlchemy features technological innovations in full-scene antialiasing texture download performance texture compressions and high resolution. The AAlchemy series hardware includes dual Intel Pentium III processors with up to 8 GB memory and a high level of realtime on-screen performance, supporting one or two video output channels per system. The chassis are ruggedized with the disk drives on shock-resistant mounts.

Users: Alenia Marconi Systems, CG2, Cory's TESS, ECC, Kaiser Electronics, Ship Analytics, SDS.

Contact: Paul Simpson
Address: 8680 Balboa Avenue,
 M/S 1-3-N109, San Diego, CA
 92123 USA
Tel: +1 858 522 4153
Fax: +1 858 522 4400

Raytheon Naval & Maritime Integrated Systems

Company Description: Raytheon's total ship training system (TSTS) is a ship-board training delivery and management system for the US Navy's next-generation LPD 17-class amphibious ships. It uses the IT21 compliant shipboard wide area network to provide individual training, using interactive multi-media instruction to all manned spaces. TSTS integrates team training functions for the ship s combat, machinery control, damage control and ship control systems. Implementation includes an onboard advanced electronic classroom and video tele-training capabilities, and can be adapted to support other ship classes, squadron-level training management and other applications.

Associated Products: Interactive, multimedia instruction embedded machinery and damage control simulations, ship self defence system (SSDS Mk 2).
Saab Training Systems

Contact: Les Mitchell
Address: Stensholmsvagen 20,
 Huskvarna SE
 561.85 Sweden.
Tel: +46 36 38 87 64
Fax: +46 36 38 80 83

Company Description: Saab Training Systems has become a major player in laser-based tactical simulation systems including the BT 46 two-way simulator that can be fitted to AFVs, direct-firing weapons and helicopters. The BT 47 is an eye-safe small arms transmitter, while the BT 61 visual simulator has been designed to be mounted on the real weapon for gunnery training. Garner is a modification kit designed to make two-way and personnel laser-based simulators into instrumented players, and simulates the effects of minefields, mortars, MLRS and field artillery as well as chemical weapons. Instrumented BT 46 tanks and APCs can be reconfigured to permit live firing while being monitored by the Gamer system. Gamer uses a Saab developed radio communication system architecture called DAN/R4. The system has a scaleable functionality, wherein the modular nature of the system supports the expansion of functions by ridding new modules, a scaleable capacity that allows all networks within the system to enable a data transfer capacity that can be scaled to meet the needs of the user from platoon level upwards. The system also provides for a scalable coverage area, which enables temporary or permanent expansion of an existing network by simply adding portable or fixed base stations. The Gamer system is easily deployed and operates on a proven technology, leveraging industry-standard and commercial technologies. The Gamer system was designed for ease-of-use and requires minimum of personnel for operation.

Associated Products: Range equipment has been supplied to more than 20 countries, while a number of training aids for the JAS 39 Gripen have been produced and delivered.
SAIC Wireless Systems

Contact: John Garcia
Address: 4161 Campus Point Court, E-3
 San Diego, CA
 92121 USA
Tel: +1 858 826 3701
Fax: +1 858 826 3723

Company Description: This division of the SAIC corporation provides for the design, development installation and support of Ground Forces Combat Training Centre (CTC) systems, Air Combat Manoeuvring Instrumentation (ACMI) training ranges and Atsea/Coastal Naval Training Centres. SAIC developed the original US Army National Training Center and recently supplied a CTC to the Egyptian armed forces. The wholly employee-owned company also provides a GPS-based large area training range (LATR) for use in tracking up to 125air and surface participants m force-on-force naval exercises over a 500 nm diameter training range area. SAIC technologies are improving joint warfare capabilities. The company has used its own funds to demonstrate a "virtual gateway" that enables the seamless transfer of information between virtual simulations and command and control systems. This helps decision-makers measure the effectiveness of new weapons systems in realistic joint combat scenarios before actual construction. Initially developed for the Arsenal Ship project, the SAIC C4I Testbed and its virtual gateway components are designed to analyze and optimize the interaction between C4I systesm and jointly controlled weapons systems. SAIC supports the US military's three premier simulation training programs: WAR-SIM 2000, JSIMS and NASM.

Associated Products: Constructive Simulation Software for semi-automated forces (SAF).

Users: US Army and US Navy, Egyptian Army, Japan Air Self Defence Force.
SDS International

Contact: Ed Bryan
Address: 3403 Technological Avenue,
 Suite 7, Orlando, FL
 32837 USA
Tel: +1 407 282 4432
Fax: +1 407 282 4t)65

Company Description: `LiteFlite' products include: AAcuity SB (shadow buffer) visualisation system. This PCIG-based system supporting out-the-window, command centres, sensors, stealth options for current and legacy simulation plus appended trainers. 60 Hz synchronised multi-channel including USAF/Navy M2DART displays. Real world visual databases. These are PC-focused, OpenFlight compatible, geo-specific visual databases. CTDB databases for SAF applications. Reconfigurable flight simulator specifically designed as low-cost platforms that allow aircrews to train in individual and team environments, including HLA, DS local and long-haul networks.

Associated Products: Simulator design and development including instructor operator stations and interoperability networks, (DIS, HLA, Microsoft Direct Play, UDP and Mbone). World-class research and development.
SEOS Displays

Contact: Tracy Flint
Address: Edward Way, Burgess Hill,
 West Sussex,
 RH15 9UE England.
Tel: +44 1444 870 888
Fax: +44 1444 870 777
URL: www.seos.cmu

Company Description: SEOS is a major supplier to the simulation industry and its products include Lucid, designed specifically for single,seat, flight training. This high-performance display utilises the latest flat screen rear projection technology in combination with various projector options. Panorama is a collimated projection display that provides seamless imagery for cross-cockpit/cab viewing. Widely used in fixed-and rotary-wing pilot training, it is also used in both ground vehicle and space training. Prodas is a real image, front projection display that offers large, seamless fields of view suitable for ship's bridge and ATC applications. Finally Midas is designed specifically for vehicle simulators.

Associated Products: These include Marksman aimed specifically at air-to-air combat applications, and OptiBlend that provides seamless blending of multiple images from fixed matrix displays.
SI International

Contact: Dick Paden
Address: 8484 Westpark Drive,
 Suite 030, McLean, VA
 22102. USA
Tel: +1 703 762 0000
Fax: +1 703 762 0085

Company Description: Information technology and telecommunications are the primary activities, and learning and performance support services include: e-Learning, multimedia, on line, web- and computer-based components. Training and documentation, identification of performance gaps, effective learning solutions, training and documentation products to ensure superior personnel performance. The company specialises in deploying US-wide training programmes of any size and delivering custom training solutions.

Associated Products: Performance support and knowledge managements using knowledge-intensive tools and supportive online work environments to facilitate immediate productivity gains. The Security Management, Accreditation and Risk Team (Smart) identifies potential disasters, establishes emergency procedures, then designs enterprise-wide data protection and recovery systems. SI International also provides security engineering and security awareness and training.

Users: US Army, Navy and Air Force, North American Aerospace Defense Command, US Space Command, Department of. Defense and other government agencies.
Sierra Research

Contact: David Ellis
Address: 485 Cayuga Road,
 Buffalo, NY
 14225-0222#327, USA
Tel: +1 716 631 6207
Fax: +1 716 631 6336

Company Description: Sierra has become a leader in the development of air defence simulators for training aviators in advanced survivability and countermeasures tactics. Its systems feature optical tracking, programmable threat signatures, countermeasures detection and a variety of mobile and fixed platforms. The company's family of advanced simulators utilise state-of-the-art technologies to provide accurate threat representation. Logistical support is eased by the incorporation of common hardware/software configuration items. Proven performance, reconfigurable design, logistics supportability and the company's range experience enable it to meet unique EW range requirements at an affordable cost.

Associated Products: Unmanned threat emitter (UMTE), aircraft survivability equipment trainer (ASET), portable radar warning receiver stimulator (PRWRS).

Contact: Jennifer Freedman
Address: 1790 38th Street, Suite 206,
 Boulder, CO
 80301, USA
Tel: +1 303 545 2132
Fax: +1 303 545 2133

Company Description: SimAuthor produces FlightViz, a high fidelity, realtime, flight data visualisation system enabling, non-programmers to quickly and easily visualise and analyse aircraft or simulator data. The PC-based system creates fully interactive 3-Dimensional visualisations by modelling aircraft, runways, terrain and multi-functional instruments. Numerous data display formats allow users to examine a flight from a variety of perspectives. FlightViz applications include training and simulator brief and debrief as well as classroom training. FlightViz runs on a personal computer desktop or laptop under either Windows 95, 98, NT or 2000. Its design facilitates use by non-programmers and produces abase-line visualization from aircraft in seconds. FlightViz generates a real-time visual simulation of data, much unlike typical animations, FlightViz' real-time simulations are completely data-driven and fully interactive. The open architecture of the system allows for easy expandability through either the public object API or Component API. The Object API facilitates user addition of new display, input, output or computational objects through a C++ API. The Component API enables integration of FlightViz display components in other application programs, such as Ground Data Readout and Analysis Systems (GDRAG) from Teledyne, Honeywell, Austin Digital, Sagem and Avionica. All displays are syncronized as the user moves randomly or sequentially through the data set.

Users: US Army, US Navy and Nasa as well as some airlines and FlightSafety International.
Simtran Technologies

Contact: Hazel Booker
Address: 10,000 boul. Cavendish,
 St. Laurent, Quebec
 H4M 2V1 Canada
Tel: +1 514 339 9938
Fax: +1 514 333 3361

Company Description: ISO 9001. registered Simtran provides engineering design and development, systems integration manufacturing and life cycle support for short- and medium-range shoulder launch missile trainers and air defence crew trainers. In addition, Simtran supplies both stand-alone and appended crew procedural and gunnery trainers for armoured vehicles. Simtran Technologies' family of products includes a medium shoulder launch trainer, long-range anti-tank trainers, stand-alone crew procedural trainers, air defense crew trainers and appended crew procedural trainers.

Associated Products: Simtran Technologies provides support to small arms trainers and infantry fire trainers manufactured by FATS, fielded by the Canadian Army and law enforcement agencies

Users: Canadian and New Zealand armed forces.

Contact: Danielle St-Pierre,
Address: 5 Montee des Arsenaux,
 Le Gardeur, Quebec,
 J5Z 2P4 Canada
Tel: + 1 450 585 6226
Fax: + 1 450 581 0231

Company Description: A division of SNC Technologies, the company has developed the FX interactive training system based on the use of reduced energy ammunition. A marking cartridge may be fired at human targets without the danger of inflicting injury, although providing a `pain penalty' and leaving a colour mark to denote hits. However, protective clothing has been developed r both men and women that permits free movement but still allows impacts to be felt. Simunition has also developed a range of conversion kits, which allow trainees to use and fire their own service weapons safely. The training ammunition uses Toxfree primer and the FX marking cartridges are made for weapons ranging from pistols to submachine guns and they provide good tactical accuracy at close quarter battle ranges for force-on-force scenarios.

Users: Supplied to armed forces and law enforcement agencies.

Contact: Joel Clairon
Address: 4, rue Marcel-Monge,
 Immeuble Nobel,
 92158 Suresnes, Cedex, France
Tel: +33 1 41 18 57 00
Fax: +33 1 41 18 57 18

Company Description: A specialist in the provision of visual systems, the company has worked with Thales and others to produce fixed- and rotary-wing flight simulators, as well as flight training devices. Sogitec's Electronics Division produces the Apogee-3 realtime image generator, Apsis (designed to learn specific procedures for operating the Mirage 2000-5 pilot-system interface, the Bass intervention planning system, CMS2000 which is a computerised maintenance management system, a variety of G-seats, the Saxo support tool to design and produce training materials and multimedia applications for tutorial teaching, Sind-bad for the generation of 3-dimensional terrain databases and a Trigat-LR trainer. Sogitec's Sherpa full-mission simulator for Puma and Cougar helicopters is designed to convert or train French Army crews to operate these aircraft on all types of army aviation mission types, such as transport, sling handling, visual and instrumental flight, NOE flight and tactica maneuvers, flying in formation and night flight with and without actual night vision goggles, plus taxiing, take-off, hover, approach and landing on various platforms. Sogitec's combat tactics trainers are primarily designed to focus on the navigation and weapon system, pilot stick and throttle levers. The front cockpit panel instruments have been replaced by cathode ray tubes, with a superimposed mask revealing the synthetic color image of the instruments.

Associated Products: CBT and other training aids.

Users: Has supplied the forces of France and other countries.
Swiss Electronics Enterprise

Contact: Adrian Balmer
Address: Stauffacherstrasse 65,
 POB CH-3000, Bern 22,
Tel: +41 31 324 7455
Fax: +41 31 324 7143

Company Description: The company's product portfolio ranges from multilingual CBT programmes through tactical simulators for infantry fighting vehicles such as BMP-3, to networked full-mission simulators including the M-109 howitzer crew trainer(HCT). With its German partner C.O.E.L. (which see), SE offers the CODARTS mobile instrumented training environment and the COSIM family of radio frequency and two-way laser-based simulators. These cover all direct and indirect fire weapons, as well as landmines, hand grenades and grenade launchers. They can be integrated within the CODARTS environment or used as stand-alone precision gunnery trainers.

Associated Products: SE maintains every simulation and training system in service with the Swiss Army.

Users: The armed forces of Switzerland, Germany and the United Arab Emirates.

Contact: Lawrence M Root
Address: 16539 Commerce Drive,
 Suite 10, King George, VA
 22485, USA
Tel: +1 540 663 2137 ext 208,
Fax: +1 540 663 3050

Company Description: OMSuite is an integrated CASE development environment, composed of CAFDE Engine real-time data sharing, OMManager, IIMI, OmNet net comms, OMCase requirement capture/track, OMBuilder object model construction/maintenance, OMSpector object model mapping/ code-generation and OMLex lexicon management. The Co-ordinated Battle-force Replay and Analysis (COBRA) integrated environment is a set of programmes that communicate via COM/DCOM, allowing the analyst to playback and perform detailed analysis on large-scale live joint forces and DIS exercises. All Synetics training facilities are equipped with hands-on workstations. Knowing that customer-driven solutions can be more effectively achieved by customizing off-the-shelf curriculum, the courses that require development are designed based on the results of a customer needs assessment.

Associated Products: OMSuite that consists of OMCase, OMBuilder, OMSpector, OMManager, OMNet, OMLex, CAFDE TBX). COBRA, which consists of Play-Controller, Viewer, Plot-Application, Report Generator, DIS SendReceive Application, TCP/UDP Tactical Receive Application.
Systems Technology

Contact: Jeff Hogue/Bimal Aponso
Address: 13766 S. Hawthorne Blvd,
 Hawthorne, CA
 90250, USA
Tel: +1 310 679 2281 ext 52/61
Fax: +1 310 644 3887

Company Description: The company produces two very different but widely used training devices: the ParaSim virtual reality parachute flight simulator and the STISim Drive PC-based driver simulator. In the former, the trainee is suspended in a parachute harness and uses a head-mounted virtual reality display and tracker to view the parachute condition overhead, obstacles in the ground scene and other jumpers. The visual and dynamic models smoothly change during opening, with malfunction simulations available. The driver simulator features a vehicle dynamics model with visual and auditory feedback, steering feel feedback and a driver performance measurement system. Driving tasks and events are easily programmable.

Users: ParaSim users include the US Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force, the RAF, Australian and Italian armies.
Thales Air Defence

Contact: Paul Harkness
Address: Alanbrooke Road,
 Castlereagh, Belfast
 BT6 9HB, Northern Ireland.
Tel: +44 2890 465 406
Fax: +44 2890 465 214

Former Company Name: Shorts Missiles Systems

Company Description: The S1 multi arms trainer (MAT) is an indoor, dry-fire marksmanship and scenario trainer for small arms, ranging from pistols to anti-armour weapons.

Associated Products: Artillery fire control and forward observers/mortar training. The S1 MAT was specifically developed to meet the particular needs of military forces and law enforcement agencies. A highly accurate hit detection system ensures that personnel are trained in marksmanship skills, and the availability of realistic scenarios enable students to be taught engagement skills. Scenarios can be generated and modified by the customer, thus enabling the accurate replication of particular, customer-recognised threats.

Users: Supplied to the French Army and Air Force, US Army, as well as forces in Ireland and Saudi Arabia.
Thales Training

Contact: Michel Orman
Address: Gatwick Road, Crawley,
 RH10 2RL, England
Tel: +44 1293 563 737
Fax: +44 1293 563 727

Company Description: With bases in France, the UK and USA, Thales builds and services simulators for military activity on land, sea and air. Its trainers include everything from desktop aids to complex full mission simulators. The company has grown by acquisition, taking over Rediffusion Simulation to boost its full flight simulator capability. Its range of fighter simulators includes the F-16, Harrier, Tornado and Mirage, but the TT&S' product line also includes transport aircraft and helicopters. In addition to extensive systems developed to support the Leclerc main battle tank, the company produces simulators for AFVs, hand-launched missiles, on-board guns and infantry weapons.

Associated Products: The company has teamed to produce training systems in support of the Eurofighter Typhoon.

Users: TT&S simulators find other devices are in service with the armed forces of many countries.
Titan Systems DBA

Contact: Joseph D. Funair
Address: 1200 S. Woody Burke Road,
 Melbourne, FL
 32901, USA
Tel: +1 321 727 0660
Fax: +1 321 7272 7291

Company Description: DBA Systems designs, develops, manufactures and supports full fidelity threat simulation and training systems. This includes, man portable air defence systems (Manpads) that are used for test and evaluation, tactics development and proficiency training. Example of Pads include simulators for the SA-7, SA-16 and SA-18. Indeed by instrumenting different launchers, any currently available Manpads can be simulated and deployed using the current Universal Scoring Package. In addition, DBA produces a laser engagement threat simulator (Lets) and is developing other advanced threat simulators using the electro-optical.infrared systems technology resident in the firm.

Associated Products: Automatic video trackers, tracking systems IR and visual instrumentation and test equipment.

Users: US Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force as well as Special Operations Forces.
Transas Marine

Contact: Olga Rimski-Korsakova
Address: Sea Hawk, Bilton Way,
 Portsmouth PO3 5JN
 United Kingdom
Tel: +44 2392 674 000
Fax: +44 2392 674 148

Company Description: Transas Marine simulators are available on standard PCs or with real consoles, as a standalone system or networked to form an interactive class. The range includes: Navi-Trainer simulators designed for all aspects of ship handling training and qualification assessment. GMDSS simulators that vary from full-size consoles including actual Sailor GMDSS equipment to the `Tutor' based on a single PC. Engine room simulators for training in the operation of diesel propulsion and electrical power plant, as Well as auxiliary machinery. Another simulator provides training in the operation with any type of liquid cargo.

Associated Products: A Transas Marine sister company produces simulators for helicopter and fast patrol boat crew training.

Users: Naval and coast guard organisations, training and educational centres.
Vega Group

Contact: Matt Asman
Address: 2 Falcon Way, Shire Park,
 Welwyn Garden City,
 AL7 1TW, England
Tel: +44 1707 391 999 ext 2848
Fax: +44 1707 393 909

Company Description: This is an IT services company that has been involved in the defence industry since 1984 but is best known for its training systems using a variety of multimedia and simulation techniques. Vega's capabilities include training needs analysis, computer aided instruction, computer based training, emulation, part task trainers, E-learning, synthetic environments, performance and decision support modelling. The company's solutions cover a range of subjects from hand-held radios to jet aircraft. Vega offers a total training solution to meet customer needs.

Associated Products: Vega Group provides logistic support analysis, integrated electronic technical manuals/publications, consulting, virtual prototyping, visualisation, 3D virtual reality and graphics animations.

Users: British, European and other armed forces around the world.
Veridian Engineering

Contact: Stuart A. Ashton
Address: 22309 Exploration Drive,
 Lexington Park, MD
 20653-2001, USA
Tel: +1 301 757 9412
Fax: +1 301 342 4693

Company Description: Non-motion based high visual fidelity tactical air simulation system consisting of fifteen weapon and tactics cockpit trainers incorporating via secure network. Part of Marine Corps Aviation simulator Master Plan (MCASMP) for which Lockheed Martin Information Systems is prime contractor. The system will replicate air combat elements consisting of eight different types of aircraft ranging from fixed- tO rotary-wing. Veridian Engineering's Virtual' Training Environment (VirTUE) concept transforms ordinary personal computers into Aircrew Training Devices (PCATDs). The VirTUE system captures the functionality of crew member mission controls and displays a laptop environment and delivers the applications quickly, at a modest cost.

Associated Products: Integrated logistic support (ILS) and programme support environment tools. The ILS system employs a distributed system training and maintenance concept.

Users: US Marine Corps assault support and TACAIR aviation.
Virtual Presence

Contact: Prof. Robert J. Stone
Address: Chester House, 79 Dane Road,
 Sale, Cheshire,
 M33 7BP, England
Tel: +44 161 969 1155
Fax: +44 161 969 1166

Company Description: This is a multi-disciplinary company with experience in developing affordable, through-life training solutions. VP's Tornado avionics trainer for the RAF reduced course times by 25% and improved student information uptake by 40%, compared to CBT or physical mock-up training. The company also developed a networked virtual reality system for the Royal Navy's 20/30mm weapons simulators and worked on the provision of VR solutions for future submarine qualifications. VP also provides human factors and training support to the Nato submarine rescue system study consortium led by WS Atkins. It has become a key-player in synthetic environments for defence systems development and training.

Associated Products: Advanced display systems, (head-mounted, 2D/3D proJection, CAVEs) interaction peripherals (gloves, hand controllers, haptic feedback systems).
Virtual Prototypes Inc.

Contact: Jackie Gugliotti
Address: 4700 de la Savane, Ste 300,
 Montreal, Quebec
 H4P 1T7, Canada
Tel: +1 514 341 3874 ext 223
Fax: +1 514 341 8018

Company Description: Virtual Prototypes (VPI) has become a leading supplier to major industrial companies enabling the company to bring prototyping, typing, designing, development, testing, evaluation, documentation and maintenance of a variety of completed software projects to the industry. The company's software tools are said to have the ability to develop products faster and at lower cost than most traditional methods.

Associated Products: Virtual Prototypes' Stage and Sequoia are used to create military training systems, as well as to conduct operational studies and analysis.

Users: Virtual Prototypes' range of software and systems has users that include Alenia Difesa, BAE Systems, Boeing, Dassault, Elbit, Eurocopter, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, Matra, Raytheon, Rockwell-Collins and Siemens.
Westland Helicopters

Contact: Customer Training Centre
Address: (Box 24), Yeovil,
 BA20 2YB England
Tel: +44 1935 703 907
Fax: +44 1935 702 161

Company Description: The company designs, develops and delivers training packages and training services for helicopters and other military applications. In support of these training packages it has developed the interactive electronic training delivery solution (IETDS) to classroom training. The IETDS comprises a fully integrated suite of software applications which support training in the most sophisticated equipment. Self-paced computer based training is combined with instructor-led computer aided instruction and state-of-the-art emulations with 3D graphics to deliver comprehensive training that accelerates learning and enhances knowledge retention.

Associated Products: These include interactive technical publications and logistic support analysis. The company has also formed Aviation Training International with Boeing to deliver a 30-year training service for the WAH-64 attack helicopter to the British Army.
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