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what are the odds of that happening? No-one could have told us that Corbyn would be Labour leader.

aking predictions is by and large a mug's game.

m Who, for example, would have dreamed that Chelsea, the Premier League champions, would be currently hovering just above the relegation zone and would have sacked their most successful manager, Jose Mourinho, before Christmas? And in the political world I don't recall any so-called experts predicting the fall of the Berlin Wall or more recently the rise of Jeremy Corbyn who, against incredible odds, became leader of the Labour Party.

But seeing as this column falls so soon after the New Year I will give my own entirely modest predictions. Despite having been a 200-1 outsider Mr Corbyn now seems to have settled into the role of Labour leader after a difficult start.

The bookies famously gave him 475 days before he was deposed, but Mr Corbyn is a doughty fighter and he has not fought his way to the top after more than three decades as an MP to give up so easily.

2020, when the next general election falls, is some way off so I would expect him to still be with us next year. His main problem seems to be that the majority of the electorate simply don't see him as Prime Minister material and that will prove an increasing headache for him as 2020 looms ever closer.

On the technology front hydrogen and electric cars are set to be the future but with the price of oil plummeting it's still going to be a while before we are eased out of our conventional vehicles.

The tedious business of charging cars will continue to put people off switching. I still remember the original days of mobile phones when they resembled a house brick rather than a stylish accessory and that took several years to put right.

One device that will take off will be a little black box that, when connected to your mobile phone, allows you to create a virtual keyboard meaning you can tap away on a pub bar, for example, without the fiddliness of a phone keyboard. Even my 19-year-old nephew, Zanda, was impressed with that!

I don't recall any so-called experts predicting the fall of the Berlin Wall


| What a shock! Victory for Corbyn (above) and Jose |Mourinho (left) sacked. But I wonder how the electric car will fare this year?

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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Jan 2, 2016
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