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FREEHOLD, NJ--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 8, 2000 AG, a leading global developer and marketer of advanced, enterprise-friendly ad filtering software, today announced that its software--used in combination with web- accelerating cache server hardware and solutions--can speed web response times for enterprises by as much as 80%.'s first "Wash & Cache" package, just released in Germany, adds significant speed to the Primergy WebAccelerator from Fujitsu Siemens. Primergy is an Internet cache-server that uses market-leading Internet caching technology from Novell ICS. This three-part package is not available in the U.S. However, soon will be packaging its software to increase the efficiency of web-accelerating cache servers and solutions for the U.S. market.

"Wash & Cache does away with a problem that increasingly plagues the use of cache servers in enterprise networks: the falling number of bufferable web pages in the cache," explained Dr. Horst Joepen, president and CEO of AG. "Caches are becoming increasingly strained by the dynamics of web pages built from databases, and explicit evasion commands that are now built into more and more pages in order to always display current messages and content, or to blend advertisements into the user interface."

Wash & Cache solves this problem. "Webwasher's software can substantially increase the proportion of storable web pages by blocking cache evasions, in addition to providing its well-known function of suppressing advertising banners and pop-up windows," Dr. Joepen said.

With shorter loading times and lower Internet costs, the office network receives a double benefit: a cache server that runs more efficiently -- and through the filtering function of WebWasher, a reduced data load on the cache from the Net. "A savings of approximately 25% of necessary bandwidth makes the use of Wash & Cache especially effective for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and bigger businesses that deal with e-commerce solutions," explained Barry Brown, AG's director of U.S. sales.

"Wash & Cache is the newest advance in our 'Energizing the Net' initiative. We invented the WebWasher software for content filtering and access control right inside our own Company," explained Werner Steinschmidt, director of server product marketing, Fujitsu Siemens Germany GmbH. "Since then, efficient web caching for our enterprise clients has become increasingly important, leading us to recommend WebWasher ad filtering software as a technically sophisticated supplement to our Primergy WebAccelerator."

"Web-accelerating cache server hardware and solutions have essentially the same task as our WebWasher ad filtering program: speeding and improving access to the Internet," Dr. Joepen said. "A combined application of all three elements via Wash & Cache offers even greater potential savings to the enterprise customer."

About WebWasher and AG

Initially developed at Siemens, WebWasher has gained up to three million users worldwide as an easy-to-use and effective Internet Filter and Assistant. WebWasher works by blocking unwanted information - such as advertising banners or animated graphics - that would otherwise be downloaded from the Internet.

Installed as an add-on to the browser, WebWasher identifies unwanted content by its characteristic features and automatically filters it out before it is downloaded. Up to 45 percent of incoming data can be filtered out, increasing network speed and opening up bandwidth. AG was founded on October 6, 1999 to make private and commercial use of the Internet easier and more efficient. Based in Paderborn, Germany, the company is focused on the further development and marketing of WebWasher as a successful Internet filter and intelligent Internet assistant. AG is a spin-off from Siemens Information and Communication Products (ICP). Primary investors in the company are the Munich-based Siemens subsidiary Siemens Venture Capital GmbH (SVC, 32.5%) and Invision AG of Baar/Switzerland, a member of BHS Holding GmbH, which is related to Metro Group (32.5%), and the Siemens ICP Group (23%). These three founding partners hold 12% of the business.

Those interested in more information on products are invited to contact The AG Website can be found at
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Date:Jun 8, 2000
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