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Love Happens (12) OH DEAR. Poor Jennifer Aniston can't even get her romance right on screen these days, never mind in real life. This pseudo rom-com lacks the key ingredients of either romance or comedy.

Aniston is Eloise, a Seattle florist who tends to make poor boyfriend choices. Enter Aaron Eckhart as Burke Ryan, a widower who has turned the death of his wife into a self-help crusade, with packed out seminars and a soon-to-be-signed big TV deal. Can the two find love together? Well, frankly who cares? A dull script and the fact we never really know who the real Ryan is, beyond the annoying American evangelist we see on stage, means this film falls flat on its face. You can actually visibly see the two leads lose any real interest half way through. Avoid. Is Aniston too old for these roles now? FILM. EXTRAS .

Ax Men (Season 2) (15) IF YOU like Trawlermen and Ice-Road Truckers, you'll love Ax Men. This History Channel series follows the rather dangerous lives of loggers in north west America. With chain saws and huge logs falling everywhere, serious injuries can happen at any time. The show ups the tension by creating competition between three different logging companies to see who can earn the most from their mountain. After just two episodes I was hooked. All together: "I'm a lumberjack... "FILM ... EXTRAS ...

Attack on Leningrad (15) THE siege of Leningrad was one of WWII's most pivotal events and the subject of several previous films. Few though have been directed by Russians, unlike this impressive and harrowing effort from director Aleksandr Buravsky. English journalist Kate Davis (Mira Sorvin) is left stranded in Leningrad with the Nazis surrounding the city and attempting to starve the five million inhabitants into submission. Reported dead, she is befriended by fearless militia woman Nina Tsvetkova (the excellent Olga Sutulova), a die-hard who forces soldiers to the front at gunpoint. From battle scenes to horrific images of horses being eaten alive and corpses being used for food, this is not for the faint hearted but you are left with a genuine sense of the dreadful suffering which left 1.5m people dead and the incredible courage of those who resisted the Nazis. My only criticism is the film could have been even more epic as a lot of material has clearly been left on the cutting room floor while Gabriel Byrne is rather pointless as Kate's love interest.

FILM .... EXTRAS ...
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Feb 19, 2010
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