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von Ziegesar, Cecily. You're the one that I want; a Gossip Girl novel.

von ZIEGESAR, Cecily. You're the one that I want; a Gossip Girl novel. Little, Brown. 230p. c2004. 0-316-73516-7. $9.99. SA*

It's spring on the Upper East Side and all the senior girls and boys are finding out which colleges accepted them. Blair Waldorf, the high-strung beauty, has her eye on Yale (she even names her new baby sister Yale), while her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Nate Archibald, decides he'd be happy anywhere and tests how badly each school wants him. Serena van der Woodsen, the city's It Girl, makes an adventure out of visiting all the colleges that accepted her. She falls in love with each school (tour guide included), making her decision even more difficult. Back in the city, Vanessa Abrams, the artsy filmmaker, has already been accepted early to NYU's film school, so she has time to focus on her boyfriend, Dan Humphrey, an angst-ridden aspiring writer. After flirting with fame in the last book, Dan is now much more grounded and has time to devote to Vanessa. He also debates about university, and after moving in with Vanessa, he considers staying in New York to be close to her. Dan's sister, Jenny, idolizes Serena and pursues a modeling career (as a ninth grader, college isn't a concern).

In the tradition of the last five books in this best-selling series, You're the One That I Want reads just like a gossip column, yon Ziegesar makes entering these teenagers' world easy--in between chapters, there are brief selections from the ever-popular Web site,, in which an anonymous character reports on their lives. They party, get into trouble, and gossip like crazy. The series is as addictive as junk food, but frequent obscenities, sex scenes, drug usage and heavy drinking make the book inappropriate for younger readers. Joanna Solomon, a senior at Newton North High School, Newton, MA
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Author:Solomon, Joanna
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Nov 1, 2004
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