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For more U.S. Catholic coverage of the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council, visit vatican2.


* The World of Vatican II: Artist Franklin McMahon's paintings and sketches from the council (slide show)

* Vatican II at 50: A look back at its highlights. By Paul Boudreau

* Eight Americans' eye-witness reports from Vatican II (Sept. 1995)

* Interview with Sister Mary Luke Tobin, S.L., the only American woman who was an official observer at Vatican II (April 1987)

* The church after the council. By Karl Rahner (Nov. 1966)

* Have Vatican II's teachings been fully received? By Lawrence Cunningham (April 2003)

* Vatican II, Schmatican II: A young woman says it's time for a new agenda. By Tara Dix (Dec. 2005)
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