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best comedy The IT Crowd (Channel 4, Friday, 10pm) I WASN'T sure about The IT Crowd the first time around.

So I turned my telly off and back on again and - hey presto - it ended up becoming one of my favourite comedies in recent years.

Ho, ho, that's a little IT-based joke there. Nurse, my sides etc.

Anyhow, the BAFTA-winning basement-dwelling tech dweebs are indeed back for a new run, and I for one shall rejoice.

Just don't mention the utterly unnecessary scene-for-scene US remake which managed to suck HUGELY despite having had Richard Ayoade in it reprising his role as uber-nerd Moss.

best drama K-Ville (Five, Wednesday, 10pm) LUTHER'S finished, Lost is over and Ashes To Ashes is no more.

What the flamin' nelly am I supposed to watch on the magic talking box now? Well, how about this new US cop drama set in post-Katrina New Orleans eh? Sure, why not? It's only on for 11 weeks, what could possibly go wrong? Then again, I said the same about FlashForward and look how that turned out.

best reality Mary, Queen Of Shops (BBC Two Wales, tomorrow, 9pm) EVER heard the expression, the customer is always right? Well, if that particular customer just happens to be rocking a ginger bob, a pair of nose-bleed high-heel boots and a 'don't mess with me, sonny' attitude then you better bet your sweet potatoes that everything she's gonna say will be bang on the money.

For Mary Portas is on a mission to tittify the nation's down-at-heel traders and return them to being, not only a viable business once again, but a shop to drop for.

This week, Mary comes to the aid of three sisters who recently bought a greengrocer's that has been open for 115 years.

The former owner must be tired out!

best film Reservoir Dogs (Five, tomorrow, 11pm) CANINE title aside, this was the movie that spawned a million and one inferior celluloid copycats and introduced the word Tarantino-esque into our modern language.

And, for a film so vilified for being violent, it's weird that the botched bank robbery at the very heart of its plot happens off-screen, while the camera winces away from its most grisly moment at the last minute - the now notorious ear-slicing torture bit.

What you do get however, is a tense, gritty thriller with great turns from Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth and Steve Buscemi, not to mention a scene-stealing psycho showcase from Michael Madsen.

best quiz The Chase (ITV1 Wales, tomorrow, 5pm) I'LL say one thing about Bradley Walsh, he's a hard man to pigeon-hole.

He's wooed the ladies on Corrie, looked hard on Law & Order: UK, not to mention hosting glittery cheese like Wheel Of Fortune.

Here he returns to those quiz show roots as the host of ITV's new afternoon brain-drain, pitting four normal contestants against evil genius-sized super brains in order to snaffle thousands of spondulicks.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Wales On Sunday (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jun 20, 2010
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