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SOAP UPDATE EMMERDALE, STV, 7pm LACHLAN is a lad on the edge as the murder inquiry gathers pace. After learning that the police found Terry's DNA on the rock, we saw Lachlan drive off into the woods and start digging up his body. Another visit from the police, where they mention the scrawled-out message in the cabin, has him panicked and ready to move the body.

Not the best time for Sam to appear on and see something he'll wish he hadn't.

CORONATION STREET STV, 7.30pm and 8.30pm MARY means well, God love her, but her plan for Jude and Angie to renew their wedding vows and live happily ever after was clearly flawed from the get-go. There's a venue change when the mill cancels the booking and everyone moves to Speed Daal, and as the guests gather and Jude waits nervously, the 'bride' is still none the wiser.

When she does find out, will she go along with it and say I do again? EASTENDERS BBC1, 8pm STUART is back on the scene, which means misery for Mick and the Carters. And Stuart's brother Halfway finds himself out in the cold when they learn he's been round for a visit. Meanwhile, Tina is distraught when she discovers Dylan has retracted his statement because Stuart's been intimidating him.

Then when Mick discovers just how close the psycho has actually got to his beloved family, it looks like things are about to take a violent - and possibly deadly - turn.

drama MOTHER'S DAY, BBC2, 9pm IN March 1993, the day before Mother's Day, the IRA exploded two bombs in Warrington town centre which killed two boys. Three-year-old Johnathan Ball died instantly, and 12-year-old Tim Parry died from devastating injuries in hospital five days later.

This powerful drama tells of Tim's parents' battle to survive the senseless tragedy and make something positive come from their son's murder - and of Colin and Wendy's unlikely alliance with a Dublin housewife, who had watched the reports of the attack in horror and decided "enough was enough".

Susan McHugh - "an ordinary woman, with two kids, a cat and a mortgage" - ended up organising the biggest demonstration Ireland had seen in 20 years and starting the Peace 93 movement.

The outstanding cast of Anna Maxwell Martin, Daniel Mays, David Wilmot and Vicky McClure portray all the grief, fear, anger and courage these extraordinary people showed at such a horrific time.

DOCUMENTARY MARRIED TO A PAEDOPHILE Channel 4, 9pm THERE'S something very unique about this fascinating documentary, which follows two families over a year.

The words and voices are those of two men who were convicted of possessing images of child sex abuse, and of their wives and children. But using an innovative new technique, their actual voices have been lipsynced by actors (including BAFTA winner Sinead Keenan), to bring the real and authentic events to life on screen. It shows the impact of this crime, more cases of which are being detected than ever before.

More than 100 men a week are being charged, which often leads to whole families being destroyed. It shows the devastating effect on wives and children of finding out the man they loved was capable of committing these offences.

It makes heartbreaking, frustrating, chilling and compelling viewing.

Classy class clash VANITY FAIR STV, 9pm WE Brits love a good period drama, full of colourful costumes and quirky characters with their olde-worlde ways. Clashes of class and culture, a good love story or two, with some deception and scheming thrown in for good measure.

William Makepeace Thackeray's epic 1848 novel has long been captivating source material for TV and filmmakers, and this latest version is right up there with the best of them. It stars Olivia Cooke as anti-hero Becky Sharp, a clever and cunning young woman determined to rise above her station and find success in society life.

Michael Palin appears (very briefly) as the author and puppet master Thackeray, and the cast also features heavy hitters such as Suranne Jones, Martin Clunes, Frances de la Tour and Tom Bateman.

Last night, we saw Becky banished from Miss Pinkerton's Academy for Young Ladies and - after failing to trick her friend Amelia's dim but wealthy brother Jos into marriage - end up as governess for the tight-fisted MP Sir Pitt Crawley.

Clearly not happy to stay at that level for long, Becky sets her sights on becoming his secretary or daughter-in-law, and is soon best pals with his wealthy sister.

It might be 170 years old, but it still feels fresh (although we could've done without the incongruous modern music choices).

And Frances de la Tour's Aunt Matilda is straight from the Downton Abbey dowager school of glorious withering put-downs and outrageous behaviour.


UPSET Tina gets bad news

FIGHT Sue and Arthur McHugh

VOICE Sinead Keenan

LINE-UP Becky, Sir Pitt and co
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