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tv & soaps: Church can't help Corrie; coronation street.

Byline: by Roz Laws

THE Corrie week begins in church and some might say it should end there, with the characters asking divine forgiveness for a sinful week of lies, adultery and a baby conceived out of wedlock.

It's a double celebration on Sunday at Freddie's christening, as Eileen get baptised too, so she can become his godmother. The Peacocks finally feel that after their recent setbacks they are beginning to move on - though there's still one problem to tackle, in the unwelcome shape of Bev.

If Charlie thinks that all Tracy had up her sleeve by way of revenge was turning the neighbours against him and getting the police out, he's underestimated her.

That was just a taster of what she has in store, and this week she decides to strike while the iron is hot.

She's prepared to undergo pain to repay cheating Charlie, and presses the iron down on her arm.

Then, after a lot of persuading, she confesses to gullible Claire that Charlie did it.

The adultery sin is committed by scarlet woman Audrey, who's having a fling with married builder Bill.

Both their families are deeply disapproving but she doesn't care and moves him in. That'll be handy for putting up shelves and Christmas decorations.

Jamie decides it's time to claim his inheritance, but everyone else is highly suspicious of Danny's disappearance. Just where is he, and is he still alive?

But that's not all he has to worry about - on Wednesday, Jamie's ex-girlfriend Violet drops the bombshell that she's pregnant.

Much to her disgust, he tells her about him and Frankie, and soon their dirty secret is all round Weatherfield.


NEW HOPE: Ashley and Claire feel life's on the up after Freddie's christening' SINNERS: Violet tells Jamie she's pregant, while Tracy injures herself to frame Charlie
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Dec 10, 2006
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