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STRESS can cause muscle tension, stiffness and sleepless nights. PHOEBE JENNER tests a kit which focuses on acupressure points to help calm and improve wellbeing.

WHAT IS IT? ACUPRESSURE, which has origins as an ancient Chinese healing art, is based on the principle that there are 365 key pressure points in the body.

It is claimed that when these points are pressed correctly, it will help release muscular tension and promote blood circulation. The Yantra Kit, above, includes a belt, pillow and rings - three acupressure items designed to ease aches and pains, relieve stress and improve sleep.

WHAT'S IT LIKE ATTACHING the belt around my waist meant I could use it while sitting up. The acupressure contact points press into the skin causing a slightly painful sensation.

As the belt has a zip, it can be divided in half to use on your limbs, and I found it very effective to use it on my calves to ease stiffness.

The rings are small coils of wire which you roll up and down your finger going over the knuckle, and surprisingly, they did provide a stress-relieving effect.

This was beneficial when sitting at my desk and typing, however I did find my skin became slightly dry and irritated around the knuckle.

I wasn't keen on the Yantra pillow. I found lying back on it wasn't comfortable.

Overall, I felt the belt and rings did aid relaxation and over time I could become used to the sensation and derive more benefit from it.

The Yantra Kit, PS29.95, is available from Lifes2good (0845 399 0038 or visit


Acupressure is often used to deal with back ache
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Date:May 1, 2013
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