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tried & tested back massager.

ABI JACKSON rolls her way to shoulder tension relief WHAT IS IT? PART of the recently launched Bac range, comprising products developed in conjunction with back care experts at The London Spine Clinic, the Back Massager is designed to help alleviate pain and tension in the shoulder and upper back area. It features a roller head and comes with lotion to help it glide across skin, or you can use it dry. Pack comes with a lotion refill.

WHAT'S IT LIKE? NO BATTERIES required, the Back Massager is a simple hand-held gizmo which you operate yourself. Its handy size means you can easily carry it out and about or pop it in your desk drawer at work. Like thousands of office workers, shoulder tension and those pesky knots in hard-to-reach places are a regular bane; just five minutes using the Back Massager did provide some relief and help loosen them up. A great product for people prone to troublesome knots and tight shoulders. But if you have severe shoulder and upper back problems, because it requires reaching above your shoulders and applying pressure, the Back Massager might not be the most effective remedy for you.

INFORMATION: BACK Massager, RRP PS24.99, is available from Boots or online at (Lotion refills available for PS4.99)


| The Back Massager in action
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Jan 28, 2014
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