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tried & tested; Aquaviz.

ANTHONY BARNES tests a new prescription lens system for swimming goggles.

WHAT IS IT? AQUAVIZ, pictured, is a clip-in system which means you can add lenses,

WHAT''S IT LIKE? SWIMMING can be a hassle if you normally rely on contact lenses or glasses. Ill-fitting goggles can mean you run the risk of water seeping on to your lenses and possibly sticking to your eyes, with the ensuing horror of trying to prise them off. Even worse, there are tales of people suffering nasty infections from getting pool water in lenses. Although it has been possible to buy off-the-shelf prescription goggles or have them made up, it can seem a rather large investment when you are relying on a thin nose-connector which could snap, the surface of the lens could be easily scratched or they are simply a poor fit. The Aquaviz versions are fairly rugged and chunky with a tight seal which hugs the face to the extent that no water appeared to get in at all when I gave them a spin. The lens inserts themselves - think of a small pair of specs without the side arms - sit at a comfortable distance from the eye so they're not jammed up against your eyelashes. One tiny downside - if you are shortsighted as I am, you will struggle to find your way from the changing room locker to the pool without your lenses and will have to wear the goggles all the way.

INFORMATION: BASIC goggles - with single vision lenses - cost PS39.95. Bifocals will cost PS59.95, and varifocals PS79.95. A diving mask version with single vision lenses costs PS49.95, and the prices again step up with bifocal and varifocal versions. You can also buy "combination" packages. One with goggles, dive mask and snap-in single vision lens, to switch between them costs PS74.95. Visit
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Aug 20, 2013
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