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AMRITA EASY DETOX CLASSIC KIT, PS93.95, I AM no stranger to detoxes, I have done a few in my time. Most of them have involved eating a crazy amount of fruit and many hours feeling hungry. Amrita's Easy Detox is described as an effective and safe way to cleanse your body of toxins and is based on a 100% organic herbal formula with 16 powerful ingredients.

The Classic Kit I tried contained enough sachets of detox drink to have three a day for a week. In addition to the drinks - which it recommends you make with coconut water - you are advised to abstain from certain foods during your 'cleanse' - meat, dairy, caffeine, alcohol, and sugar.

I won't lie, the drinks tasted awful, but I did get used to them after a few days. It is recommended that you mix them with fruit and making them in a blender is said to improve the taste.

Even though I didn't think I drank a lot of coffee, taking caffeine away gave me a splitting headache for the first day but it passed.

The detox promises that it will cleanse your system and rebalance your body naturally and also make you think differently about how you fuel your body. Lofty claims indeed.

But by the end of my week I was feeling brighter, sleeping better and my skin had improved. Although losing weight was not the aim, I also dropped three pounds.

Three weeks after finishing the detox I am still sticking to some of the principles, I am eating very little dairy, have cut right down on caffeine, boosted my intake of vegetables and reduced how much meat I eat.

Definitely worth a try.


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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Jul 14, 2017
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