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touch [1].


Pronunciation: \'t[schwa]ch\




1 : to feel or handle (as with the fingers) especially so as to be aware of <I touched the rabbit's soft fur.>

2 : to be or cause to be in contact with something <Lightly touch the paintbrush to your paper.>

3 : to hit lightly <Be careful not to touch the walls.>

4 : [sup.2]harm <No one will dare to touch you.>

5 : to make use of <She never touches meat.>

6 : to refer to in passing <The report touched upon many topics.>

7 : to affect the interest of <This matter touches all of us.>

8 : to have an influence on <As a teacher, he touched many lives.>

9 : to move emotionally <I was touched by your kindness.>

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Date:Jan 1, 2009
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