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Take geek chic to a whole new level with PETER JENKINSON'S round-up of six of the best fashion-forward tech

KNOMAD MINI, PS45 from A BEAUTIFUL little hybrid of wallet and bag, this sleek design is the perfect place for memory cards, credit cards, passports, stylus and, last but by no means least, your smartphone and iPad mini. Not so much a gadget as a gadget uniter.

EVOKE MIO ORLA KIELY, PS149.95 from EVERYONE loves Orla Kiely and everyone loves Pure radios, so a collaboration between the two brands was always going to be a winner, both visually and audibly. With multiple presets, visual display, FM/DAB hybrid and an auxiliary input to plug in other sources, this set both decorates and delivers.

DIAMOND TEARS ON-EAR HEADPHONES, PS249.95 from MONSTER by name, monster bling by nature. This brand's latest range of headphones looks simply stunning, but their beauty is more than that, it's inside as well, delivering among the best bass currently available from any set of over-the-ear numbers.

TED BAKER FASTNET SPEAKER, PS199.95 from IF YOU'RE searching for bluetooth speakers, you'll find plenty of options. The trouble is, they're often disappointing options unable to deliver what you need. But don't worry, Ted Baker has decided to throw its stylish hat in the ring and offer up this chic leather unit, which just so happens to sound as luxurious as it looks.

MISFIT BLOOM FOR MISFIT SHINE, PS69.95 from MISFIT is one of the biggest names in wearable tech, but now they're not content with just letting you wear your activity tracker, they want you to wear it in style. While this new Bloom looks like a normal pretty necklace, it's actually busy working alongside a free app to track your every move.

MIGHTY PURSE, PS89.99 from LOOKS like a purse, acts like a purse, but this fancy leather number is actually a phone charger too. Clever, hey? Yes, you can finally forget those panicked moments your phone runs out of juice on a night out, and get back to important things like planning your journey home/taking selfies.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 19, 2014
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