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time for cadets! time for Arresting.

AIR Cadets from the Warwickshire & Birmingham Wing have just returned from an 'arresting' camp at the Defence School of Policing and Guarding at Southwick Park.

Twenty-seven Air Cadets and sta[euro] took part in the week-long camp at the Tri Service Police Training Centre at Southwick Park.

e programme covered many aspects of the RAF Police Training delivered by the Southwick Park Defence School of Policing and Guarding (DSPG).

e week started with a visit to Fort Nelson (a Napoleonic Fort which overlooks Portsmouth), but to their surprise the cadets were whisked back to the American Civil War by hundreds of re-enactment volunteers who had set up both Union and Confederate camps and were practising for a mock battle.

On their return to DSPG Southwick Park the Cadets started their police training with some short lessons on law, (both civil and military), including when and how to conduct an arrest. e cadets then went on to witness phase two recruits undergoing personal safety training, e[euro]ecting some extremely physical arrests against heavily padded instructors.

e cadets also undertook the RAF tness and swimming tests - many of them passed the required standards with some obtaining exceptionally high scores.

e cadets also received some very useful IT Protective Security instruction which highlighted some of the security issues associated with of the security issues associated with using social media.

ey also visited Southwick Park's mock Police station, Court Martial suite (a mock courtroom) and an airport security check-in training facility complete with x-ray machines where in an amusing session one alert cadet arrested a passenger who had a revolver in his bag, seized it and let him go through!

e camp also visited the RMP Close Protection Unit at Longmoor where they train service bodyguards, and their impressive range of weapons ons and vehicles. e Cadets were and vehicles. e Cadets were shown some interesting unarmed combat moves and had a go themselves against rubber dummies trying to attack the VIP they were tasked to protect.

In addition to their police training the cadets also had a day visit to RAF Odiham the home of the RAF's heavy lift Chinook helicopter, and a visit to the RAF Police Dog unit.

Add to this a half day of eldcraft training and a night-ex with RMP and RAF Police instructors the cadets had every day of the camp lled with action packed activities. e eve action packed activities. e evenings included trips out to a bowling alley, the cinema and a last night party quiz with pizza.

e Air Cadet Camp Commandant, Squadron Leader Bryan Coats, said: "is camp was an amazing opportunity for our cadets to experience the phase two trade training undertaken by the RMP and RAF Police. It was a full week programme, with no gaps, and I have no doubt that the cadets will have learnt a great deal and have really enjoyed the activities."
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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Jun 23, 2014
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