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this week: the essentials.

MOST of us love to bag a bargain but a surprisingly large number of people are still wasting money by paying over the odds for their cable and broadband TV.

Experts say that if you pay separately for your mobile phone, TV, broadband and landline then you should look into getting a package deal.

This could save you up to pounds 50 a year and make your monthly bills much easier to deal with.

THE government is considering plans to let us drive along them at times of peak traffic and on some motorways you can already drive on the hard shoulder but new research reveals many of us have been misusing this strip of tarmac for years.

A survey commissioned by esure car insurance showed that more than a third of motorists (36 per cent) have used the hard shoulder for reasons other than emergency breakdowns.

The most common reason for drivers pulling up on the hard shoulder is to read a map, while 22% of those questioned admitted to stopping on the hard shoulder to take a mobile phone call and 21% of drivers said they had pulled over to use the toilet.

YOU would be hard pressed to find a woman not in love with shoes and most have a bulging wardrobe packed with every sort of stiletto, sandal and slingback.

However far from making life more fun women have admitted their shoes can hamper their social life. In a recent survey 22% of women confessed to having cut short a night out because their feet were hurting so much.

IF YOU are one of the millions of people who spend all week sitting down at a desk, then you should try going for a stroll after work.

It will not only get your heart rate up and burn off a few calories but it will also help clear your head. In fact the worst thing that you can do with officerelated stress is to take your worries home with you.


GOK WAN of How to Look Good Naked, in Geisha on Myrtle Street.


LES DENNIS on Lord Street being mistaken for Keith Chegwin.


ASHLEY SLANINADAVIES, who plays Amy Barnes in Hollyoaks, at 1539 at Chester Racecourse.


HOLLYOAKS' McQueen sisters enjoying dinner in The Living Room in Liverpool.

'For the first time in a while we have to choose between who we like better instead of who we hate less;

Actress Natalie Portman on the US presidential elections

"I am no size zero or a super-thin Hollywood actress. I am built for men who like women to look like women"

Sex and the City's Kim Cattrall


BRAINS from Thunderbirds. The dancing puppet in the advert for Drench spring water is cult viewing.

THE Cannes Film Festival. Lots of parties, lots of premieres, lots of pretty dresses. What's not to like?

OPAL Fruits. Stuff Starburst. Finally after all these years they are coming back.

DAVE Grohl supporting Sir Paul at the Liverpool Sound gig.

How good will that be?


THOSE sections of the media, who despite all the pleading still went and published spoilers on Sex and the City the movie.

YOGHURTS. As a nation we throw away millions of the things.

THE Bluecoat fire. Too sad for words but we know it will rise again.

SOLAR powered bras.

Who wants their breasts to power their mobiles?

Did you know?

100 people a year choke to death on ballpoint pens.

A duck's quack doesn't echo.

THE average person laughs 100 times a day.


Dave Grohl will join Paul McCartney on stage
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:May 17, 2008
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