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the razz movie reviews - ALAN MORRISON'S Movie reviews: Movie Qand A; Lindsay Lohan Herbie: Fully Loaded.


QWHY do you think Herbie is such an endearing and everlasting character.

AWHEN someone gets their car, it becomes their baby. In the movie, you form a bond with this car. It becomes the underdog and my character forms a great relationship with it, which at first I thought was silly. I was like, how am I going to talk to a car? But wanted to bring the relationship to life and people can see how cute Herbie can be.

Q APPARENTLY you got to sit in a car that went 160mph?

AIT was faster than that. When I first got in, I was quite frightened. I was gripping the sides of the seat. It's scary because they get very close to the walls. And you worry it's going to crash because there's nothing you can do. But I was glad I did it. It was very exhilarating. QIS it true your male co-stars put a rat in a popcorn bucket for you?

A YEAH, they tortured me. But it was fun because at least we had a fun set. We were shooting late one night when they shut the power off in my trailer, put a vacuum on outside that sounded like a chainsaw, jumped on the trailer and shook it.

QSO they digitised your breasts out for this movie? AWHAT do you think? To go through every scene? Do you know how much money that would cost? No, that is so silly. It's something said by people who have a lot of time on their hands. don't know what I did to deserve people saying those things. My sister was the one who told me that and she's 11. That made me angry, but it's not true.

QAND what about the crash diet rumours?

A WHAT'S a crash diet? Starving yourself, because that's not what do. When I was doing Herbie, was working a lot and pushing myself. I went to hospital because I got sick from not taking care of myself. I was eating junk food and not working out. After that, I began to take myself seriously and focus on my career. This is my dream and I don't want to mess it up. So now work out, eat healthy and take care of myself. And my mother would kill me if I did anything stupid. Trust me
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Date:Aug 5, 2005
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