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the razz/games reviews: Things that made you go oooh in 2004... MOST CONSISTENT TURKEY HERDER:.

Byline: bob low

Electronic Arts, which was accused of running a Dickensian workhouse by some outraged employee's anonymous spouse. God knows what those Olivers have been labouring over, since the Medal Of Honor series started with Allied Assault rating an average of 92 per cent and the next four sank gradually, culminating in a mere 69 per cent. Its James Bond series, in four outings, ended with 61 per cent approval from Joe Public.

THE WORST BIT OF HARDWARE: SONY'S PSX. No, not the original PlayStation, but the convergence machine every futurist predicted would be a PS2, a DVD recorder, a Tivo-style digital video recorder, and a media hub. Except that it wasn't. It had the MP3 removed, couldn't play DVD+RW discs, the image viewer wouldn't look at a GIF or a TIFF or CD-R disks.

Sony cut production later in the year.

A close second is the PS2 hard drive upgrade launched with the PS2 version of Final Fantasy XI, the online RPG.

Having persuaded loads of PS2 punters to buy it, Sony then launched a new version of the PS2 - now called the PStwo - which is incompatible with it. THE MONEY FOR OLD ROPE AWARD MOVIE LICENCES. Games are desperate to grab them and no movie would be complete without a game to go with it. Now Hollywood is snapping up games to make into movies. We have already had Tomb Raider, Resident Evil and House of the Dead. Now Eidos have flogged Deus Ex rights. Others in the pipeline include Fear Effect, Prince of Persia, BloodRayne and even Doom, all of which might be worth watching. But the award has to go jointly to fighting games Tekken and Calibur, scheduled for a movie sometime. Mortal Kombat was bad enough on the big screen, but at least it HAD a plot, however bad.

THE BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT GRAN TURISMO 4 is probably going to be renamed 'GT4: Delayed Again'. Scheduled for the winter of 2003, then the summer of 2004, and then the autumn, it was confidently predicted for Christmas this year. Now it is going to be out 'sometime in 2005', without the online multiplay.

Now - hands up all those who still care.
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Dec 24, 2004
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