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the last word.

Byline: Anna Rees

SO, it is with a heavy heart that I find myself bidding you all a fond farewell as this is my last column for Wales on Sunday.

onto I shall miss the frantic Tuesday nights when I would cook dinner for the kids and help with their homework before remembering that I actually had a deadline for the following morning. Though I will not in the least miss opening the paper on a Sunday to see me gormlessly striking yet another ridiculous pose and for that I can only apologise to you all.

IHowever, even if I will miss writing it, there is one person who certainly won't yearn for my column and that's my mother-in-law. Actually, my own mother could probably do without it as well. They have both unintentionally provided me with some great material (which I, of course, exaggerated tremendously) and they can now, once again, go to church on a Sunday with their heads held high without the fear that I may have been discussing with the nation their skinny-dipping adventures or the fact that one of them suffers from uncontrollable flatulence when she walks. Although secretly, I reckon they enjoyed being the centre of attention - whatever the reason.

Of course the one person who I am sure will grieve the loss of my column most is "him indoors" (not!). He too will now be able to wander into work on aMonday morning without his colleagues having just read about the ins and outs of our relationship. No longer will he have to endure a good old ribbing from his friends when I write about how he puts the studs on his trainers in preparation for the Fathers Race at our children's school sports day - all the while denying that he's competitive. Or his penchant for spending 20 minutes hiding in the cupboard under the stairs waiting for me to walk past so he can jump out and scare the living daylights out of me. Honestly, sometimes our five-year-old is more mature!

So the time has come to move onto pastures new and finish writing the book that I started three years ago. I think it will have to be set in the Maldives so a research trip out there seems inevitable! Oh how I must suffer for my art!! But on a more serious note, I hope that my columns weren't taken too seriously and that on occasion they made you smile, if only for a brief moment. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those readers who sent me warm letters and e-mails of support and encouragement. I appreciated each and every one of them, even the more risqu ones - you know who you are!
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Publication:Wales On Sunday (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Nov 15, 2009
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