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the essentials: 10 questions; Spencer Leigh, 59, popular music authority, Radio Merseyside broadcaster, writer. Latest book, Twist and Shout published by Nirvana.

Philosophy of life: Johnny Cashonce said: ``There are two kinds of people, those I know and love and those I don't know and love''. That I suppose is as good a philosophy of life as you will find. Biggest regret: Not playing an instrument.

I would love to have been able to play an instrument. Not being able to sing properly. I would love to have been able to get up in a pub sing-song.

Best advice ever given: JohnMoores was asked how he had made all his millions and he said: ``Do it now''.

Idea of happiness: Oh God, I'mgoing to sound like a beauty queen here, but world peace. What else can you say?

Most memorable moment: Seeing Bob Dylan at the Liverpool Odeon in 1966. When he brought his rock band on, there were people walking out and people cheering. I'm glad to say I was cheering.

Ideal weekend: I'm a happy little soul. I like going away, but I like being at home, I like being with my wife, I like doing my radio show, I like writing articles and books.

Hero or heroine: Bob Dylan. I feel privileged to be living at the same time as him. It is like growing up with Shakespeare.

I feel the same way about Dylan.

He is one of the greatest artists who has ever lived.

What happens next: Only the guy up there knows really. Favourite film: The Girl Can't Help It (1956) with Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent and Little Richard.

Where will I be in 10 years: Aliveand healthy, I hope. Interview: David ChartersWINE buffs are in for a treat on September 6 with the Winemaker's Dinner at The London Carriage Works presented by wine icon Etienne Hugel.

The Hugel family is one of the greatest and most historic wine families in France -- indeed the world -- and has been at the centre of winemaking in Alsace since 1639.

The Carriage Works in the Hope Street Hotel will be pulling out all the stops for the evening and promise an opportunity for wine afficionados and novices alike to learn more about Hugel's wines.

A limited number of tickets are available on 0151 705 2222.

THINK your kids love going on holiday with you? then think again. According to a new survey their preferred choice of travelling companion is the cartoon character Shrek.

In a poll conducted by the Wacky Warehouse, kids pushed mum and dad right back into fourth place. The friendly green ogre took first place with 55% of the votes, followed by grandparents, best friend, parents and then their brother/ sister.

GREAT news for chocaholics. Eating chocolate makes the blood vessels more flexible which helps to stop your arteries hardening -- meaning you're less likely to suffer a heart attack.

A test of 17 volunteers who ate a bar of dark chocolate and then had an ultrasound test found the functioning of important cells lining the wall of blood vessels had improved.

Dark chocolate is rich in flavonoids -- natural antioxidants helping to prevent the damage oxygen can cause to the body.

Unfortunately, the weight gain from eating a lot of chocolate cancels out the benefits.

did you know?IF SOMEONE said ``you look like a right mesomorph'' you might think the right response would be to slap them in the face. But you'd be wrong -- a mesomorph is in fact one of three body shape categories and, if you fell into it, you'd be in good company.

Some of Britain's most successful Olympians in Athens are mesomorphs -- including Matthew Pinsent and Bradley Wiggins (above).

Mesomorphs are well developed and muscly with taut buttocks and a well-defined chest. More than 40% of under-35s are mesomorphs.

The two other categories are ectomorphs, a delicate, lean and slender body shape, and endomorphs -- bodies with more fat in their lower regions, abdomens and thighs or, as most women dread to hear, pear shaped.

Half of UK women and 37% of men aged over 35 are endomorphs while just 15% of all women are ectomorphs.


Being brunette. Sorry blondies but brown is the hair colour for autumn.

Curvy celebrities. The skinny stick look is so last century Miss Moss -- Beyonce, Geri and J-Lo have got the bodies to die for these days.

Kim Cattrall starring in Tetley's Tea adverts. Tea has never been so sexy!

The X-Factor. Sit back and watch tonight as Simon Cowell, backed by the scary Sharon Osbourne annihilates wacky wannabes on the latest reality contest.

NY-Lon. Channel Four's hot new sexy drama is not and never will be Sex and the City, nor is it This Life. It's just dull.

Summer being over officially before it even got started -- the schools start back on Monday.

Gwyneth Paltrow for gushing on Oprah about how amazing motherhood is. . . while plugging her new movie.

The Royal Mail. Snail Mail has never been slower.

LIKE Star Wars? Fancy yourself as a bit of an Obi-Wan Kenobi? Then you could become one. An academy has opened in Romania which teaches the religion of Jedi, use of the light sabre, how to speak Wookiee and how to cook some of the dishes in the films such as Wookiee Cookies.

The Academy is apparently open to anyone but potential Jed is must be able to answer 100 questions on the Star Wars phenomenon, in 24 hours to qualify for a place.

new Merseyside

ORGANISERS of the long-running Antique & Collectors' Fair in Liverpool's St George's Hall will celebrate the completion of almost three years' work on the exterior of the building with a grand reopening fair and antiques valuation day today.

In spite of many obstacles, the fair has continued on the first Saturday of the month while the refurbishment was under way.

Organiser Ann Zierold says: ``There were times when we felt we would have to close down until the work was finished, but we battled on and we're sure both our customers and the dealers who sell there will benefit from the improvement, notably the new lift for disabled access. ''

Admission to the event will be pounds 2 (concessions pounds 1. 70) with a charge of pounds 1 per item or set of items brought in by members of the public to be valued by city auctioneers Outhwaite & Litherland.


Spencer Leigh: I'm a happy little soul
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 4, 2004
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