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the Razz: showbuzz.


MYSTERY Jets have paid tribute to Eighties Scots band Aztec Camera by recording Somewhere In My Heart as a B-side to their next single Two Doors Down. The band, who appear at Smirnoff Electric Cabaret in Glasgow's ABC tonight, have often cited Seventies prog rock as their inspiration but also have some Eighties sounds on their new album, Twenty One.

SCOTS entrepreneur Colin Barr has won an award for 'best bier venue' at a UK bar awards ceremony at Glasgow's One Up. The ceremony was part of a quest to find the top 100 industry leaders who've helped shaped the modern bar sector.

ELECTRO indie kids Drive By Argument are launching their new album, close to home, next month. The band, who named themselves after a short skit in the cartoon Family Guy, are playing a live show at Glasgow's Classic Grand on May12 to mark the release of their debut album. Briefs for the Glasgow gig are on sale today from Tickets Scotland, 0870 220 1116 or

BRITNEY Spears fans have the chance to be brought to life Manga style by the man who directed her video Break The Ice. Robert Hales has asked Spearites to become fans of the Britney Break The Ice Bebo profile at Spears and attach your best pic. The best will win a Blackout album disc award with their animated picture.

AMY Macdonald was caught sneaking out of her boyfriend's flat in her pyjamas by an autograph hunter. The embarrassing moment came for Amy when she was visiting her beau, Aberdeen striker Steve Lovell. She confessed: "I was lucky enough to have the whole of last week off. It was amazing. The first few days I didn't even change out of my jammies. I just lazed about at my boyfriends flat. One of the rare occasions when I did venture out (still in jammies, might I add) I got asked for my autograph by a builder working outside. Hilarious."
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
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Date:Apr 17, 2008
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