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that's not very bright; FREE CLIMBERS SLATED AFTER POSTING VIDEO OF DAFT STUNT Daredevils risk their lives by climbing into deserted football stadium, scaling floodlights and dangling from the top.


A PAIR of "idiot" daredevils have come under fire for scaling floodlights at a football stadium without any safety equipment.

Police were called in after Elvis Bogdanovs and Robbie Borthwick proudly posted an 11-minute video of their daft stunt at Pittodrie, Aberdeen.

Earlier this year, the so-called free climbers filmed themselves dangling from a crane above the construction site for the new bypass in the city.

In their latest stunt, Bogdanovs, 18, and Borthwick climbed a wall to get into a deserted Pittodrie.

The video shows them checking no one is about as they sneak around the stadium and approach a column of floodlights.

One uses a ladder while the other climbs up the outside of the metal frame.

At the top, one of the pair, wearing a red Dons strip, balances precariously on a metal banister.

Bogdanovs says: "It would be really cool to watch a football game from up here."

Later, he tries but fails to climb on to the roof of the Richard Donald Stand at the Beach End.

Under the YouTube post, Bogdanovs states: "We didn't actually climb the stadium stands.

"However, we did climb the floodlights, which are much higher. I then decided to go on to the pitch and chill for a couple of minutes - only to find that the sprinklers suddenly turned on."

Aberdeen FC reported the stunt to police.

A club spokesman said: "They are obviously compromising their own safety."

Chief Inspector Kevin Wallace added: "We are aware of the inherent dangers associated with this sport. Our view would be to only climb within the range of your own experience and capability and only with the permission of the owner of the property concerned."

Local councillor Sandra Macdonald said: "I think supporters of the club would think they are idiots."

North-east MSP Tom Mason added: "One of these young men could have been killed. This type of stunt sets a terrible example for other young people, who may be tempted to follow suit.

"It would only be a matter of time before someone is badly hurt."


EDGING BETS Reckless stunt

GET A GRIP Taking in the view of the football ground from the top

DON DEED Cocky pair in their video

WOBBLING Balancing on floodlights column with one leg

YOU TUBE Free climber wears a camera to record his antics

LONG WAY DOWN Taking in the view of Pittodrie from the top of floodlights

ONE HANDED Wind buffets free climber as he dangles from the floodlights with just one hand

BALANCING ACT Walking along tiny ledge on the floodlight

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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Aug 4, 2017
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