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success fingertips SUCCESS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS; There's no need to head to a salon this summer - we've been testing the four glossiest nail polishes on the market; FAKE A SALON MANI AT HOME; Give yourself glossy, plumped talons with these DIY tips.

When applying a polish, make the layers as thin as possible, then build them up. If you make them too thick, then the result will be splodgy - and take ages to dry.

Always use a base coat because it gives your coloured polish something to adhere to, which means it will last longer without chipping.

If nail varnish always chips on you, then try applying a glitter polish. These tend to stay on nails longer, and it's also easy to cover up any blips without removing and reapplying.

For the shiniest finish, you can't compete with gels. Turn any polish into a gel mani on the go with Gel Touch's mini starter kit. It's like applying a normal top coat but you set it with a pocketsized lamp that plugs into your computer. It costs PS24.99 from

ORLY PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY SUMMER COLLECTION, PS10.90 EACH WHAT IT DOES: Six bright, bold and shiny shades inspired by the sunny LA coastline. Pair it with the brand's Gel FX Top Coat, PS12.95, and you can expect nails to last 10-14 days, and the results are even glossier. From

OUR BEAUTY TESTER SAYS: "Seriously hot neons, I just LOVE Put The Top Down - a proper highlighter pink. It only needed one coat (so rare in fluorescent shades), but it does need the top coat for shininess, otherwise it looks a bit matte."

9 out of 10 9 out of 10 MORGAN TAYLOR REACT NO-LIGHT EXTENDED WEAR BASE COAT & Top COAT, PS15 EACH WHAT IT DOES: When you have a salon gel mani, they paint on a base, colour and a top coat, and set each layer in a shiny finish. This duo works on the same concept, but the colour gets cured by daylight, not a UV lamp. You can sandwich any regular polish in between them.

From Marks & Spencer.

OUR BEAUTY TESTER SAYS: "Worth the effort. It still took less time than manicures I've had in a salon. Although it didn't look exactly like a gel, it made my nails very shiny and plump, and made my usual polish last for ages."

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Date:Jul 17, 2016
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