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strange but true: Pig prank dentist fills his pockets; SHAMED DOC WINS pounds 375K Bizarre stories from around the world.


A DENTIST fitted fake boar tusks in his assistant's mouth while she was under anaesthetic and took pictures.

Washington-based Robert Woo was sued for pounds 125,000 over the piggish prank - but ended up filling his own pockets.

When his insurers refused to compensate his furious assistant he paid her - then sued them for pounds 375,000.

Cods & robbers

A CROOK was battered for trying to rob a fish and chip shop in Adelaide, Australia.

As he fled, the furious owner threw hot oil and batter mix at him.

Virgin airy

THE organisers of a ballooning festival claim they can guarantee good weather - thanks to their official Mormon virgin.

The New Jersey team perform a ceremony with the girl, knives and onions.


THREE men who admitted soliciting sex were punished by being ordered to wear giant chicken costumes.

They donned the bright yellow outfits outside the court in Painesville, Ohio, and waved signs reading "No Chicken Ranch in Painesville" - a reference to the famous Chicken Ranch brothel in Nevada where prostitution in legal.

Flaming mad

A MAN drove 1300 miles to confront a bloke he had been having an online feud with - and burned down his trailer-park home.

Russell Tavares saw red after Texan John G. Anderson called him a nerd.

Sheikh quake

PASSENGERS on a flight out of Milan's Linate airport were driven plane crazy by an irate sheikh's air rage.

He delayed departure by three hours with his strop - caused by his female relatives being given seats next to blokes they didn't know.

Hard rain

NEXT time you curse the weather, remember it could be worse.

It began raining 50lb chunks of ice in Dubuque, Iowa.

Jan Kenkel, 78, saw her roof destroyed by a block, thought to be from a plane's toilet waste.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jul 29, 2007
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