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storks (U) ... ..

storks (U) ... ..

BIRDS of a computer-animated feather flock together in Nicholas Stoller and Doug Sweetland's lightweight family adventure where the gift of parenthood comes from cloudless blue skies courtesy of storks, who deliver baby boys and girls to tearful parents.

Storks uses this beatific vision of family planning as a backdrop to parallel journeys of self-discovery for a stork and a teenager.

It's a saccharine ode to the joy of friendship but Stoller also engineers some cute comic interludes and peppers frames with throwaway visual gags like one character using the search engine Gaggle to find a picture of a Canadian goose.

For centuries, storks have delivered babies, but financial pressures force the noble birds to diversify their business model. They decommission the baby-making machine to use their home as a warehouse for online shopping consignments.

Hunter (Kelsey Grammer), current CEO of this global empire, prepares to hand over the reins to his nervous protege, Junior (Andy Samberg).

The only fly in the ointment is 18-year-old Tulip (Katie Crown), who couldn't be flown to her parents because of an accident with her tracking beacon.

Junior's efforts to eject Tulip coincide with the arrival of a letter from 10-year-old Nate Gardner (Anton Starkman), who pleads for a baby brother to remind his workaholic parents (Ty Burrell, Jennifer Aniston) of their priorities.

An adorable baby christened Diamond Destiny emerges from the machine and Junior and Tulip embark on a madcap quest to deliver the gurgling infant.

Junior's jealous rival for the CEO job, a pigeon called Toady, gives chase, determined to thwart them.

Storks is gently amusing rather than laugh-out-loud hilarious, and the scattershot plot furiously flaps its wings from one high energy set piece to the next to distract from the number of gags that land with a thud.


Storks offers a cute vision of childbirth

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Oct 14, 2016
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