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step by step guide to.. Creating a wet room (part1); DIY donny.

Byline: Donny Sheridan

If you fancy an extra shower but are short of space, a wet room could be the answer.

Wet rooms are becoming more popular not only because of the space reason but also because it's trendy to have an open- plan bathroom without shower trays and screens.

Many people don't realise how easy it is to fit one and not a lot can go wrong if it is done properly.

Wet rooms can be fitted into concrete or wooden floors and, since wooden floor construction is more common, this is the type of floor I will be showing the wet room being fitted on.

There a few types of wet-floor on the market but the principles for all are similar to those for the one I am using.

This is the Aqua-Dec system by Impey UK Limited (Tel 0870 9090 770 or visit

If you are unsure of the plumbing work get a professional plumber to carry out this side of things and after that you can fit the rest yourself.

This week I will show you how to lay the Aqua-Dec, the drainage waste trap and the surrounding flooring.

There are nine different sizes of Aqua-Dec to suit all types of bathroom from large to the smaller ensuite.

1 Place the Aqua-Dec in the required position, and mark around the edge of the Aqua-Dec with a pencil.

2 Carefully cut around the pencil line with a saw (use a pipe detector, to avoid cutting through any pipes) and remove the flooring. Then check that the Aqua-Dec fits into the space where the floorboards have been removed.

3 Check the floor joists are level and have the waste pipe and shower trap fitted below the hole in the Aqua-Dec.

4 Fit timber dwangs (supports) between the joists at the end of the Aqua-Dec to ensure it is supported at all sides and fit battens on the inside of the joists 18mm below their top.

5 Fix 18mm plywood to the timber battens to provide a flat base that will completely support the Aqua- Dec. Cut a 260mm hole in the plywood directly below the hole in the Aqua-Dec to accommodate the drainage.

6 Place the Aqua-Dec over the plywood to ensure the shower trap aligns with the hole in the Aqua-Dec. Check the Aqua-Dec is level and pack up if necessary.

7 Once the Aqua-Dec is level secure it to the joists. Drill and countersink holes for 5x60mm screws, ensuring the screws are no more than 400mm centres around the perimeter of the Aqua-Dec.

8 As you will have noticed holes need to be cut in the wall to accommodate the pipework for the shower.

Plasterboard over these holes at this stage to create a flat wall.

9 As the Aqua-Dec is 22mm thick and the floorboards are 18mm thick, nail 4mm plywood over the rest of the floor to level it with the Aqua-Dec, using 20mm ring nails at 150mm centres. Check again to make sure everything is level.

Here's what you'll need..


Spirit level






18mm plywood

4mm plywood



2x2 timber battens

If you use thicker plywood than 4mm to cover the floor then build up the Aqua-Dec to accommodate it


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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:May 25, 2008
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