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CAPRICORN Dec 22-Jan 20 IT'S business as usual. You have ploughed a large amount of money into a venture. However, you should gain the interest of an investor today, it's a fortune. Use whatever holiday entitlement you have left. You could receive an invitation to be someone's guest today. Luxury.

For more call 09036582021 75p/min + network access charge AQUARIUS Jan 21-Feb 19 SO FAR it's been the summer of boredom. However, with Mercury in Leo aligned with Venus in Libra, there should be plenty of distractions on offer this week. An invitation from abroad also sounds good. Very good as it turns out! At least it's not raining, that's another silver lining.

For more call 09036582022 75p/min + network access charge PISCES Feb 20-Mar 20 EVEN if the cupboards are threadbare, you shouldn't feel hopelessly overworked or underpaid. A stimulating link between Mercury and Venus indicates that you could be lining your pockets today. After that, it never rains, but it pours. The same in a way applies to your private life.

For more call 09036582023 75p/min + network access charge ARIES Mar 21-Apr 20 THIS should be a time of heartwarming experiences. Indeed, Mercury in Leo aligned with Venus is proof that love is a beautiful thing. Maybe you will get down on one knee? The situation at work is not entirely blissful.

However, you should be left to your own devices today.

For more call 09036582024 75p/min + network access charge TAURUS April 21-May 21 YOU should be committed to leading a much healthier and happier life. Not that feigning illness in order to be off work and indulge in more entertaining pursuits is justified. Besides, there are a few complex issues to sort out today. You cannot genuinely say that you are suffering.

For more call 09036582025 75p/min + network access charge GEMINI May 22-June 20 TRUE, you are not supposed to be in touch with your emotions. However, with Mercury your ruler in Leo together with Venus, there should be much progress in your personal life. So you do have a heart. You will experience a sense of elation as this week starts.

For more call 09036582026 75p/min + network access charge CANCER Jun 21-Jul 22 You may marvel at the messiness of people's lives. Yours on the other hand is far less complicated. True, Mercury in Leo is aligned with Venus and negotiations must take priority today. A move is something you should keep quiet. The rest of the time you are on autopilot.

For more call 09036582027 75p/min + network access charge leo Jul 23-Aug 22 MERCURY in Leo aligned with Venus should provide a bit of light relief from your trials. Apart from that, a surprise financial offer is indicated and is enough to make you breathe easier. Your sunny disposition should enable you to take any rebuffs with a good heart today.

For more call 09036582028 75p/min + network access charge virgo Aug 23-Sep 22 WITH Mercury your ruler and Venus loosely tethered together, the news is not half bad. Curiously, you should have few worries, even if money is in short supply. As far as your private life is concerned, no longer should you feel sad. Not now that your eyes are wide open.

For more call 09036582029 75p/min + network access charge libra Sep 23-Oct 23 AFTER an extended weekend of fun and frolics, it's back to work. Even then, the combined influence of Venus in Libra and Mercury in Leo should enable you to indulge in whatever vices you fancy. Don't allow anyone to pour scorn on your plans today. You are on the right track.

For more call 09036582030 75p/min + network access charge SCORPIO Oct 24-Nov 22 THIS should still be a time of escapism and adventure. Even though you should rein in your enthusiasm and pour your energy into your working life. There has to be some good news today. Enough to make you realise the stars are guiding your future in all that you do.

For more call 09036582031 75p/min + network access charge SAGITTARIUS Nov 23-Dec 21 YOUR goals are achievable, even though small steps are key. Gone are the grand plans and aspirations which never came to fruition. With Mercury in Leo and Venus glistening in the heavens, you could make a solo trip. Indeed, a quick change of scenery is highly recommended today.

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Date:Sep 3, 2018
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