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CAPRICORN Dec 22-Jan 20

YOU may come to a shuddering halt and through no fault of your own, find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time today. Life could be worse. Besides, an opportunity to travel, even overseas, won't pass you by. Don't roll your eyes and say you are too busy.

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AQUARIUS Jan 21-Feb 19

YOU should profit from an unfair experience, even though what has just happened still stings - not surprisingly, having trusted certain people to do the right thing. You should have enough to afford a break or a little getaway. Somewhere you can sparkle and marvel at the scenery.

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PISCES Feb 20-Mar 20

NO DOUBT others are a delight to be around - which isn't saying much after the recent bout of fighting. There is some negotiating to do and you don't have a limitless supply of patience or money. Still, you should get more or less what you're entitled to today. Quite right too.

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ARIES Mar 21-Apr 20

YOU could be a bit apprehensive about leaving work early - or arriving home late, especially after all the recent tension. Apart from that, you may have a journey to make which is usually fraught with delays. In fact, everything should be fine. Even you are pleasantly surprised.

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CANCER Jun 21-Jul 22

YOU seem in a bad mood - even though you'd been looking forward to a move. Now you may have to meet whoever ultimately makes the decision. Then you can start working again without anyone to upset your plans. Don't be late for an appointment today.

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leo Jul 23-Aug 22

THIS should be a day of minor gains and when you can set your own agenda. However, having been diligent and hardworking, you need time to unwind. What's going on at the moment makes you excited for what the future holds. Nothing will make you feel uncomfortable.

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virgo Aug 23-Sep 22

MARS in Virgo is still apt to make you a bit sulky and petulant. Indeed, you need to act more delicately, particularly when dealing with the current state of affairs. Luckily, harmony will prevail today. Not only that, but a property or financial deal is about to be agreed.

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libra Sep 23-Oct 23

YOU have a lot on your mind and may pretend to be busy when in reality next to nothing is happening today. Life is about to become far more exciting. The euphoria of meeting someone, possibly for the first time, is obvious for all to see. This doesn't normally occur.

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TAURUS April 21-May 21

YOU were supposed to get a lot done but most of the time nothing happened. It's been one thing after another. Yet this should be a better day all round, although there is no guarantee you won't suffer from fatigue. Meanwhile, a deal should be agreed, so no reason to complain.

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GEMINI May 22-June 20

DESPITE you being shortchanged, there should be a surge of bonhomie and goodwill. Enjoy the respite, because you are guaranteed to pay later. There will be some sweet moments between now and Friday. Someone really wants to see you again and why should you not go? For more call 09036582026 75p/min + network access charge

SCORPIO Oct 24-Nov 22

AN EASIER day, and when you ought to be feeling slightly smug. Having got something for nothing, you could decide to use the money on a holiday. You won't require a lot of luggage. Regarding the emotional baggage, it's like carrying a ton of passengers. Don't hold it all in.

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RECENT events may have been a bit demoralising, and you feel as if you have been deserted. No fun. In truth, things are about to liven up considerably, even if someone close is absent from your life today. It's quite a relief but no one believes that for a moment.

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