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CAPRICORN Dec 22-Jan 20 YOU could be in a cold sweat. Late on your tax return? Worse? Not a crisis. Even if you're staring at statements, don't fret. A surprise offer is indicated. You didn't expect that. Then the Sun squares up to Saturn. What happens next is something you hadn't counted on.

For more call 09036582021 75p/min + network access charge AQUARIUS Jan 21-Feb 19 BY NATURE, you're a social being. However, there are people you don't want to interact with. We'll get to that later. Meanwhile, you should be in relaxed company today. There is one invitation you may not regard as fun. Expect a burst of friendly fire if you fail to attend.

For more call 09036582022 75p/min + network access charge PISCES Feb 20-Mar 20 HAVING given something your best shot - and failed - you may be forced to accept a smaller role. Fair enough. The disappointment will wear off. Take comfort in a measure of personal success indicated today. Though, what you have really set your heart on - ah, that's a tough one.

For more call 09036582023 75p/min + network access charge ARIES Mar 21-Apr 20 THIS is the perfect time to take a midweek break. A splendid link between Venus and Saturn indicates you may have raised the level in the romantic stakes, whatever that entails. Spend a fortune on travel, if need be. How to get off work? Be as diplomatic as possible.

For more call 09036582024 75p/min + network access charge CANCER Jun 21-Jul 22 YOU could be in line for a bonus today. As you have earned less than certain people to begin with, it's only fair. Plus, you could do with the spare cash. More work should pour in, which is obviously good. However, a major event may be postponed amid sensational claims.

For more call 09036582027 75p/min + network access charge leo Jul 23-Aug 22 WITH Venus in Leo perfectly aligned with Saturn, you should be bursting with happiness today. On another level, what is happening comes with some emotional burdens. Not to mention someone is hurting - financially too. If you refuse to bail them out, you will pay for it.

For more call 09036582028 75p/min + network access charge virgo Aug 23-Sep 22 WHAT is discussed in private is hardly earth-shattering, because you already had proof something shady was going on. Is it any of your business? Damn right. Keep your eyes wide open today. A situation is developing that nobody is talking about publicly. Coincidence? For more call 09036582029 75p/min + network access charge libra Sep 23-Oct 23 A SCINTILLATING time.

Venus, your ruler, aligned with Saturn is a sure sign one association is blossoming. True, there is a sinking feeling, panic stations even, as other individuals have something on their minds today. Don't imagine that what you are planning is doomed to fail.

For more call 09036582030 75p/min + network access charge TAURUS April 21-May 21 YOUR home could be more expensive to maintain. Why not turn one of the rooms into an office? The situation is a little more serious today. Don't make a fuss. True, your nearest and dearest may be terrible when it comes to negotiations. After that, business should continue as normal.

For more call 09036582025 75p/min + network access charge GEMINI May 22-June 20 HAVE you ever seen someone so happy? This normally never happens when the two of you are together. But with Venus in Leo aligned with Saturn, you should be planning something special today. Sadly, the family could ruin things again. Don't expect a time of domestic bliss.

For more call 09036582026 75p/min + network access charge SCORPIO Oct 24-Nov 22 A DEAL should lift your spirits and lower your debt. This is your golden ticket. Come in number seven. You're so fortunate. Are you? You may end the day richer. However, the Sun is at odds with Saturn. You could be totally stitched up or forced to pay something on top.

For more call 09036582031 75p/min + network access charge SAGITTARIUS Nov 23-Dec 21 WITH Venus and Saturn in Sagittarius in bright attendance, some romance or fun in the sun is forecast. Do you want to go back to work? Thought not. There may be some score to settle with someone higher up the food chain. Meanwhile, make the most of any time off.

For more call 09036582032 75p/min + network access charge
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Date:Sep 13, 2017
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