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spring again spring again spring again spring again.

spring again spring again spring again spring again

   a baby chases a caterpillar dropped from a tree screams as it turns
   back and undulates toward her shoe

   black-headed robins untroubled by raucous jays jump from one
   subject to another each eye alert to grass

   cut me say the rib-curved dandelion stems cut me cut me cut me

   water drips off the fringes and down the backs of black jackets
   roaring and hydroplaning past black goggles guarding

   boys watch their grandfathers playing bocce ball and using gorgeous
   old country lingo

   a surgical green with dropped mask strides out to turn off his
   stuck horn and grab a lungful of fog

   i am living through all this from behind a fence at the mental home

   talking about everything and nothing to a jumpy phone friend noting
   ceaseless unpunctuated "ocd" symptoms

   cut the grass cut the grass cut the grass cut the grass cut the

   rejoicing in the swift passage of the harley-davidson scourge
   hearing water spill over eaves filled with soot and weeds

   understanding the horrible loveliness of Sicilian obscenities
   wondering what the surgeon left behind as he turned off his horn
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Author:Curry, Elizabeth R.
Publication:the new renaissance
Article Type:Poem
Date:Mar 22, 2008
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