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Image: Innovative comedian Best known for: Travelling the world meeting other people called Dave Gorman Early life: David James Gorman was born in Stafford in March 1971. He is one of twins. He studied maths at Staffordshire University, but dropped out in order to pursue his dreams of stage comedy. He became a popular performer at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, but found his niche when he made the transition from traditional stand-up to a more innovative, investigative medium. Dave shot to fame when he accepted a bet by his roommate Danny Wallace that he could not find 54 people with the name Dave Gorman. It formed the basis of a phenomenally successful stage and TV show. Career: Followed up his breakthrough success with other similarly zany projects. His astrology experiment saw him living his life entirely at the whim of his horoscopes, while his googlewhack adventure saw him travelling the world to meet people whose websites possessed the "googlewhack" - returning just one search result on the website Google. In 2003 he was listed as one of the 50 funniest comedy acts in The Observer, and he is a regular performer on Radio 4. He also regularly appeared on the BBC Three show Rob Brydon's Annually Retentive, and presents a TV version of his own radio show, Genius. He continues to tour as a stand-up comic. Love life: His current romantic status is unknown.

Don't mention: The time he blew his publisher's advance for his debut novel by flying around the world meeting authors of googlewhacks. Quote: "Live gigs are the best thing in the world. But I also enjoy the behind-the-scenes stuff, the editing etc, involved with TV." Tonight: Frank Skinner's Opinionated, BBC Two (not Wales), 10pm.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:May 8, 2010
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