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Image: Smooth actor Best known for: Being the ex-husband of Kim Basinger Early life: Alexander Rae Baldwin III was born on April 3, 1958, in Massapequa, Long Island, New York. He is from a large family, which includes his actor brothers William, Stephen and Daniel. His father was a teacher, his mother a housewife. He attended George Washington University and majored in political science, originally intending to be a lawyer, but after graduating, auditioned for a place on New York University's drama programme as a dare. He was accepted, and hasn't looked back.



Career: Alongside theatre roles, Baldwin began landing parts in TV series The Doctors, Cutter To Houston, and Knots Landing during the early 1980s. His first film was Forever, Lulu in 1987. A year later he starred in Beetlejuice, and had smaller roles in Married To the Mob, Working Girl, Talk Radio, and She's Having a Baby. The Hunt for Red October in 1990 saw him star alongside screen icon Sean Connery. Movies such as Malice, Miami Blues, Glengarry Glen Ross, The Getaway, The Juror, The Edge, Pearl Harbor and The Departed followed. He's currently appearing in TV series 30 Rock and has several films in production. Love life: He was married to Kim Basinger for nine years until their divorce in 2002. They have a daughter, Ireland, born in 1995. He's also been linked to actresses Michelle Pfeiffer and Tatum O'Neal.

Don't mention: THAT phone call. He left a voicemail message for his daughter calling her an "arrogant little pig" which was played to the world.

Quote: "Acting in the theatre is fun. Acting in film is work." Tonight: The Juror, Five, 10pm.


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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jul 11, 2009
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