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Colin's Godson - Never Mind Sigur Ros, Here's Colin Godson GOD loves clever-clogs indie boys. Or they wouldn't keep appearing the way they do.

Whether it's the Toy Dolls, Half Man Half Biscuit, or even The Housemartins, there's always been groups who can play but just want to have fun.

The duo features Joe from The Plimptons and a man supposedly from Iceland named Ed. Rather like Rik from The Young Ones, it's all comically right-on.

Paul Weller's Fantastic Tardis Adventure sees the "Modfather" coming across a Tardis and seeing Jesus, who "helped him with his songwriting".

On The Day I Was Paul McCartney has the singer turning into a "scouser while shopping at Sainsbury's". Other songs include an ode to Marmite - all done at 100mph.

How often you'd listen to it probably depends on whether you are friends or family, but it's fun while it lasts.

Never Mind Sigur Ros, Here's Colin Godsend is available to buy now. Visit for more details. Collar Up - Short Term Memories THE new single from the Edinburgh trio's album A Jam Far Full of Wasps is about lasting, romantic love.

Led by a piano, drenched in echo, a bell-like xylophone and a drummer boy beat, it's Stephen McLaren's voice that captures the attention of the listener.

Maybe it's the melody but it sounds like Take On Me by A-ha. The song's delicate swell grows and grows to something rather special though.

They play Red Dog Music, Grassmarket, Edinburgh, on Sunday. Short Term Memories is out on Monday.

RICK FULTON WE know how hard it is to get your music heard. If you are unsigned or releasing material on your own label or on a Scottish independent label, we want to hear it. Write to: Rick Fulton, Soundcheck, Daily Record, One Central Quay, Glasgow G3 8DA. Sorry, but we can only return demos which have an SAE
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Sep 23, 2011
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