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Byline: Julia Gray

FORGET waiting for the paste to soak in and trying to handle soggy lengths of paper, paste-the-wall wallpaper is the way to go.

Learn to wallpaper ths e easy way with these top tips.

For a good finish, start by making sure your walls are as perfect as possible before you wallpaper them. Fill any holes and cracks with a suitable filler, then sand when set and wipe clean. If your walls are dirty, scrub them with a sugar-soap solution, and wash down with clean water.

* When they're dry, you can start papering. Wallpaper pastes come in a tub ready-mixed, or in a sachet in powdered form, which you add water to. For a paste made for the job, try Polycell Paste the Wall Wallpaper Adhesive, which is available in both ready-mixed (pounds 17.99) and powdered form (pounds 3.99). If you're mixing up the paste yourself, follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully, as it needs to be the right consistency. * Whatever sort of paste you use, make sure you stir it well. Apply a generous amount to the first wall you're papering (either with a big paintbrush or roller), working from the centre out to the edges. Make sure the paste is spread evenly.

Cut your lengths of wallpaper slightly too big and hang them straight on the wall, one at a time. Not all pastes are the same, but Polycell Paste the Wall Wallpaper Adhesive gives you 15 minutes to adjust the wallpaper. Once you've smoothed out the paper, trim it to fit exactly and smooth down the cut ends.

Use a seam roller to press down the seams firmly, then wipe off any paste on the surface of the wallpaper using a well-rung-out damp sponge. Repeat for the other walls.


TOP TIPS: To make wallpapering easier follow the advice on this page
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Sep 22, 2011
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