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soaps: this week.

Byline: by Roz Laws

home & away

WHEN Brian finds out the cops know about the kidnapping, he races off with Leah's money and her son. But the police give chase and VJ is returned safely. Alf's not so happy though when Bridget's lies are exposed.

Miles's issues with Kirsty are forgotten when Melody decides the best thing she can do for everyone is to run away, to the rough streets of Melbourne. Charlie and Miles join forces to find her.

Ruby's delighted that Xavier is back in the Bay, and isn't put off even when she discovers he's got a girl back home.


JACK Osbourne is released from jail after faking his own death, but isn't in the least bit happy to be free, even though they throw him a welcome home party. He hates having to wear a tag and gets into a fight with his son Darren. He throws him out and he's forced to stay at Frankie's old place, but has a panic attack when the lights go out.

Carmel is horrified by her thieving family, Michaela chooses her man over her puppies and Newt finishes with Lauren. Zak tries to set Hayley up with Elliot, but she's more interested in Rhys, and Ste tries to get back into Amy's life.


DO not adjust your screen, that really is Libby. Actress Michala Banas looks nothing like Kym Valentine, but she was brought in when Kym was off with pneumonia.

Declan somehow manages to win Bridget round and even impresses her parents as he persuades her not to have an abortion. Ty reveals he's addicted to painkillers, Zeke breaks the rules to raise cash and Paul becomes an unlikely matchmaker.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Feb 15, 2009
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