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soaps: this week.

Byline: by Roz Laws

home & away

FANS of hunky Mark Furze should tune in this week to see his toned torso as he takes on Logan, a member of Johnny's gang, in the illegal fighting ring.

It's a bad move, as he takes a pummelling and is rushed to hospital.

Geoff is besotted with Nicole, much to Aden's dismay, while Tony proposes to Rachel. She finally says yes, after he assures her he's been planning to ask for ages.

The cat is out of the bag when Alf walks in on Jack and Martha kissing, but why is Morag so disapproving?

Also this week, Jazz attempts to hoodwink Rachel, Melody has a hot date and Viv returns to the Bay.


TAKING your A levels is hard enough without a jealous boyfriend who cuts off your hair in a rage when he sees you with another student.

That's the fate of Amy when Ste sees her comforting Josh after he's been caught cheating.

She forgives him, but when she later suggests Ste gets a job, she comes up with a disturbing plan to keep his girlfriend under his control.

Sasha stoops to a new low when she sleeps with Nige in return for a hit, while Max bumps into Steph while out on a date with someone new.

Nancy's preparations for Charlie's custody hearing hit a setback when she discovers Justin has changed his statement.


IS Harold really leaving Erinsborough? He agrees to see his house to Marco and Carmella and splashes out on a motor home, but then Lou finally comes clean and tells him how much he will miss him, putting Harold in a quandary.

Chloe's christening ends in a fight when Oliver lets slip Marco's secret that he can't have children. Oliver later applies for custody of the baby, leading an appalled Mia to dump him.

Kristen forces Paul to give her a job and Dan asks Libby out.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Jun 1, 2008
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