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soap notes; TV choice.

Stacey suggests to Martin that he moves back in, and while Sonia puts on a brave face, Bex gives him a mouthful when she hears the news from Mo and Hayley. Kat wants to sell Charlie's cab so that Jean can go back to Brighton, but when Jean wavers over what to do, Kat realises Jean is hiding something. After Ollie makes an unexpected appearance in Walford, Mo and Kat dole out their own brand of justice, but later it turns out they've got the wrong end of the stick. Ian ropes in Hunter to help out with the restaurant opening in a bid to get into Mel's good books. And there's a shock for Kathy when Ian makes it clear that regardless of Mel's relationship with Jack, he intends to make her his wife again.

Emmerdale Moira is in for the surprise of her life when a stranger arrives at Butlers Farm with a stunning announcement. Cain spots an intruder on the property and knocks him out cold with a punch. When he regains consciousness, Moira recognises him immediately as her youngest daughter Hannah. Moira is flabbergasted when her daughter explains that she's now living as a man and goes by the name of Matty. Will the farmer welcome her child back into the family fold?

Coronation Street

Poor Peter's troubles double as Simon turns to a life of crime and Toyah insists they try to save their relationship. Toyah isn't prepared to give up on her man and lures Peter to the pub on the pretext of discussing the sale. He's furious when he realises that she's actually staged an intervention and invited a counsellor to give them advice. Simon, meanwhile, is roped into Tyler's cynical plot to break into Flora's flat to steal money. Inevitably, it all goes horribly wrong when she returns and disturbs the thieves.

'Nope, my life savings are definitely NOT in that unassuming box'


'These Nigella recipes are well fancy'

'Knew I should've told him I Mr Sheen'd the floor'

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 24, 2018
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