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soap box.

EMMERDALE (ITV) MARLON is convinced that what Laurel needs is a healthy dose of tough love as he continues to keep her away from their kids - and refuses to fund her drinking.

When it turns out that no one else in the Woolpack is willing to give her cash either, Laurel heads to a bar hoping that one of the men there will buy her a drink, but she ends up with more than just a glass of wine as she wakes up the next morning in a stranger's bed.

CORONATION STREET (ITV) DAVID is nervous as the day of Max's custody hearing takes place and his mood is not brightened when information about his criminal past is dragged up in court.

It turns out that Bethany has spilled the beans about her uncle's misdemeanours and, although Sarah tries to apologise on her daughter's behalf, it's clear he isn't in a forgiving mood.

EASTENDERS (BBC1) SHABNAM discovers that Fatima knows she had (and then abandoned) a baby, while Dean finds out this week whether or not he is the father of Linda's new arrival.

Dean confronts the shop assistant about her remarks and forces her to admit that she gave birth to his child, although she then lies and claims that there were complications and the baby subsequently died. But Dean is suspicious.

hollyoakS (CHANNEL 4) DARREN tips off Freddie that Trevor has tracked down Mercedes so his brother grabs her and brings her back to the village where she gets a very cool reception from the McQueens.

Despite all the drama, Freddie does manage to make it to the church for his wedding to Lindsey, but it looks doubtful whether he will get to say his vows as Joe bursts into the church to disrupt the ceremony and Sinead is knocked over in the resulting scuffle.


Emmerdale's Laurel |wakes in a stranger's bed

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Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:May 17, 2015
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