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Pronunciation: \'sit\


sat \'sat\


1 : to rest upon the part of the body where the hips and legs join : to rest on the buttocks or hindquarters <We sat and waited on a bench.> <The dog sat by the fire.>

2 : to put the buttocks down on a surface <I sat down to write a letter.>

3 : to cause to be seated <He sat the baby in the chair.>

4 : [sup.2]perch <The bird sat on a branch.>

5 : to be located or stay in a place or position <A vase sits on the table.>

6 : to provide seats for <The car sits five.>

7 : to hold a place as a member of an official group <She was elected to sit in Congress.>

8 : to hold a session <The court sat last month.>

9 : to pose for a portrait or photograph

10 : babysit

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