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sight [1].


Pronunciation: \'s[macron over i]t\


1 : the function, process, or power of seeing : the sense by which a person or animal becomes aware of the position, form, and color of objects

2 : the act of seeing <It was love at first sight.>

3 : something that is seen : spectacle <The northern lights were an amazing sight.>

4 : something that is worth seeing <He showed us the sights of the city.>

5 : something that is peculiar, funny, or messy <You're a sight!>

6 : the presence of an object within the field of vision <I can't stand the sight of blood.> <She caught sight of an eagle.>

7 : the distance a person can see <A ship came into sight.>

8 : a device (as a small metal bead on a gun barrel) that aids the eye in aiming or in finding the direction of an object

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