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show me the money.

Pay Yourself First: The African-American
Guide to Financial Success and Security
by Jesse B. Brown
John Wiley & Sons, August 2001, $14.95
ISBN 0-471-15897-6

We all could manage our money better and get out of debt, especially now with today's economy. This step-by-step guide shows African Americans just how to do that. The book includes helpful advice on investing, budgeting and avoiding some of the common pitfalls people make in managing money.
Wake Up and Smell the Dollar!
Whose Inner City is This Anyway!
by Dorothy Pitman Hughes
Amber Books, May 2000, $18.95
ISBN 0-965-50647-9

Dorothy Hughes reveals her own personal journey to overcome racism, sexism, and class prejudice to become the successful businesswoman she is today. Women of all races, social and economic backgrounds will be inspired by this fascinating and true story.
Women Who Export; Inspiration,
Motivation, and Strategy
by Sharon T. Freeman
AASBEA, September 2000, $20.00
ISBN 0-970-34630-1

At last, a book that opens up the discussion about women in America thinking in global economic terms. The book profiles women of different ethnic backgrounds sharing their stories of how they decided to go global, and the benefits that operating in overseas markets can offer business owners.
Brother CEO: A Business Success
Guide for African American Men
by Harold Leffall, Jr.
Zaire Publishing, August 2001, $16.95
ISBN 0-971-00090-5

Any brother with a dream of making it big will find Harold Leffall's guide refreshing. Leffall writes of his own rags-to-riches story and profiles the successes of other black men who made their dreams come true. An step-by-step guide for African-American brothers who are serious about making money.
If You've Got My Dollar, I Don't
by Jerrol M. Sanders
Lordes Publishing, $25.00
ISBN 0-970-82110-7

Jerrol Sanders has a unique idea to help black Americans become more economically independent, while providing a novel solution for improving America's race relations.
Exporting, Importing, and E-Commerce
2001: A "How To" Guide For Minority,
Immigrant, and Women-Owned Firms
by Sharon T. Freeman
AASBEA, April 2001, $30.00
ISBN 0-970-34631-X

A self-help guide for women in all walks of life that prepares them to understand the ins and outs of the import/export business, and how to obtain the latest information on negotiating for products or services overseas.
Black Enterprise Wealth Building Journal
by the editors of Black Enterprise
John Wiley & Sons, November 2001
$19.95, ISBN 0-471-07909-X

From the editors of Black Enterprise magazine comes a guide for African Americans that will get you on the road to personal wealth and financial success. Inspirational quotes from prominent African Americans and suggested daily tasks help make it easier.

This guide helps consumers in their journey to financial independence with do-it-yourself exercises designed to make savings and investing, debt reduction, retirement planning and other aspects of managing their personal finances simple. The final chapter includes a financial review, that charts your progress.
Discover Your Gold Mind
by David L. Shabazz
Awesome Records, July 2001, $17.95
ISBN 1-893-68004-5

Cofounder of the Awesome Records label, David Shabazz shares the secrets he has used to help transform small incomes into millions.
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Title Annotation:Pay Yourself First: The African-American Guide to Financial Success and Security
Publication:Black Issues Book Review
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jan 1, 2002
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